My own domain name accesses someone else’s NAS

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Yesterday, a dialog box popped up on my nextcloud client to confirm the certificate. I just clicked it without reading it. After that, the nextcloud client could not connect to the server. Then I logged in through the web page. After entering, I found that the login page changed greatly. (as shown in the picture below), I thought the nextcloud system was updated, because I keep updating it from time to time, but the account number and password kept prompting an error, I was shocked, was it hacked, and quickly called my mother and put my box Power off!


The login page that puzzles me (it’s already another nas login page at this time)

My normal login page should look like this, as shown below

loonlog-nas-dns-qiao-he-0.png My own nextcloud login has page

Looking closely at this login page, we can be sure that this is not my server, and this is definitely not the change brought by the nextcloud update, because the title of the page is not my name, it should be the style of Synology; after my nas was powered off, I can still use my domain name to access. I think there must be a domain name resolution problem. I quickly go to Alibaba Cloud to see if my dynamic domain name resolution has changed.

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