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I started very early, from my family’s habits. My grandfather was a teacher. Later, because he wanted to stay at home, he stopped being a teacher and went home to farm. As far as I can remember, every time I came back to my hometown from my home, my grandfather would either lie in bed and read a book, or read a book while herding sheep. Although I watched the story meeting, I have to say that it gave me a good impression.

My dad was also a normal student at the time. It is said that he worked as a teacher for a period of time when he first graduated. Later, because of his bad temper (hitting children), he left his hometown and came to Jiaozuo. .

When I was very young, there was a bookcase of books in my house (about a hundred books), and what we often do in our family is that there must be a book in the toilet. My dad would watch it when he went to the toilet, and I would watch it later.

After I got to elementary school, I became interested in games and computers, so I saved some money for my meals and bought books. Fortunately, there is a used bookstore in the middle of the way from my home to school, which will sell books at extremely low prices. At that time, I read a lot of “Hacker X-Files”, “Popular Software”, “Popular Hardware”, “Popular Hardware” Computer Enthusiasts”, “Computer Enthusiasts”. I also relied on these books to start my computer transition from games to software.

In junior high school, I was no longer alone, and other classmates also liked computers with me. So we both bought computer newspapers together. Take turns to buy, he buys a week, I buy a week, watch together. At this time, I will occasionally buy some “Computer Lovers”.

When I got to high school, I started to have a computer at home, and I read less, but I started to write blogs, browse various other people’s blogs, and read other people’s lives. Coupled with the pressure of study, there is not much reading.

When I got to college, I started to earn extra money by relying on my development skills, and I started to buy Kindles later. I remember when I was a freshman, I bought the Voyage, the most expensive model at the time, and then I bought the Kindle Unlimited, and kept reading. Of course, as I made more money in the follow-up, I started to buy some physical technical books to read. When I graduated, I sent hundreds of books home.

Having said so much, it is all my reading experience in the past. Next, let’s talk about my views on reading:

  1. You should read more books, read more newspapers, and watch less short videos;
  2. You should be careful about reading, don’t choose books, any book will help you.
  3. Reading is essentially getting information, and reading more is to get enough information to make decisions.
  4. You don’t have to finish reading the book, just be happy.

Read more books, read more newspapers, and watch less short videos

I also use Douyin now, but I don’t watch it much now. I usually only use it when I need to find some local life information. The video introduction is much better than the text version in the past. Reading can make you do things more patiently, and patience is a necessary ability for you to do a lot of things well. Is there any outlet? Of course there is. The main problem of short videos is to make you no longer like slow things, but most of the valuable things in life come from slow things.

You should avoid meat and vegetarian food when reading, don’t choose books, any book will help you

As mentioned earlier, the books my grandfather and my father read often are not useful books. But these books contributed a lot to them. My dad is more social than I am, better at navigating crowds than I am. In my opinion, these so-called “loose books” and “miscellaneous books” have helped a lot. Everyone is having fun with friends, who talks about technology?

Reading is essentially getting information, and reading more is to get enough information to make decisions

Do we read for knowledge? No, reading cannot give us knowledge, only information. This is also a consistent view of how I view platforms like podcasts, audio courses, etc. It’s still the classic picture. We get information by reading books, newspapers, blogs, and even short videos. But the efficiency of obtaining information is different.

You don’t have to read the book, just be happy

Everyone likes to read from the first page and read to the last page, but it is not necessary. When reading, choose the chapters that you are interested in and like and finish reading. There is no need to force yourself to finish reading. Really good book, you don’t read it once. You will often read Changxin, and if you can remember that this issue seems to have been mentioned in a certain book, it is enough to find it and read it.

The vast majority of people find it hard to imagine reading a book first when they encounter a problem, but prefer to find someone to solve the problem. But for the vast majority of problems, solutions are sought inward first, and then outwardly. Including everyone who complained about Xiaobai likes to ask questions in the group, not the search engine is actually the same thing.

Develop the habit of reading and reading newspapers. Unless there are physical constraints (such as aerospace, I just can’t do it), when you enter a field, you will have your own clear route. Follow the route slowly and you can find the answer you want. You’ll have your own path dependencies: find the topic, ask a question, search all books in the same direction, then read one book versus several. Seems slow? But it’s really fast.


I wish you all to develop the habit of reading, this habit will benefit you for a lifetime, and pass it on to your next generation for the benefit of future generations.

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