Nacsshost Turkey VPS Review (One of the Cheap Turkeys)

Nacsshost 土耳其VPS评测(廉价土鸡之一)

Price introduction

I bought it at the event

40% off for a limited time, if the original monthly payment is about $1.65 a month (equivalent to RMB 11.39, equivalent to TRY 30.06), this configuration is 2 cores/3G memory/30G SSD (but I don’t know why I only have 16G??, then it seems There is no traffic limit, the network speed is hundreds of M)

Only card payment is supported, other payment methods are not supported, the gateway is 3D, the most common PayTR in Turkey

Method of purchase

The address selected in Turkey will have VAT and the currency TRY, and other addresses will be settled in USD without VAT.

What is more distinctive is that Hong Kong is in the sub-category of China, which is very Chinese, and Cin seems to be Qin=China? I don’t understand Turkish very well.


Then pay attention to the discount if it is too cheap and you will not be able to pay (minimum 1USD)




Although it says on the outside that it supports VISA and MasterCard, the gateway also lists AMEX and UnionPay card organizations. I don’t know if it can be used. I paid with the virtual card of MasterCard’s CapitalOne credit card.


3D verification will be required



Boot test

The background as shown in the figure, the IP segment is 185.118.141.X


Note that the system defaults to WIN, but don’t install Centos7, there is no network directly, I wasted a lot of time, and finally I use Debian, I don’t remember the snapshot function.

YouTube is still in TR, it’s Turkish


The connection speed of the mainland is as bad as always, don’t think too much


ran Lemonbench

Lemonbench ==> expand/collapse

LemonBench Server Test Tookit 20201005 Intl BetaVersion (C)iLemonrain. All Rights Reserved.

===================================================== ===========================================

[Info] Bench Start Time: 2022-09-01 11:50:56

[Info] Test Mode: Fast Mode

-> System Information

OS Release: Debian GNU/Linux “Sid (Testing)” 11.4 (x86_64)

CPU Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz 2.49 GHz

CPU Cache Size: 25600KB

CPU Number: 2 vCPU

Virt Type: VMware

Memory Usage: 112.76MB / 2.93GB

Swap Usage: [ No Swapfile/Swap Partition ]

Boot Device: /dev/sda1

Disk Usage: 1.86 GB / 16.45 GB

CPU Usage: 3.1% used, 0.0% iowait, 0.0% steal

Load (1/5/15min): 3.91 1.28 0.46

Uptime: 0 Days, 0 Hours, 3 Minutes, 53 Seconds

Kernel Version: 4.19.0-12-amd64

Network CC Method: bbr + fq

-> Network Information

-> Media Unlock Test

HBO Now: No

Bahamut Anime: Failed (due to parse fail)

Abema.TV: No

Princess Connect Re:Dive Japan: Yes


BiliBili China Mainland Only: No

BiliBili Hongkong/Macau/Taiwan: No

Bilibili Taiwan Only: No

-> CPU Performance Test (Fast Mode, 1-Pass @ 5sec)

1 Thread Test: 688 Scores

2 Threads Test: 1397 Scores

-> Memory Performance Test (Fast Mode, 1-Pass @ 5sec)

1 Thread – Read Test : 13150.33 MB/s

1 Thread – Write Test: 10286.14 MB/s

-> Disk Speed ​​Test (4K Block/1M Block, Direct Mode)

Test Name Write Speed ​​Read Speed

100MB-4K Block 1.5 MB/s (368 IOPS, 69.54s) 22.6 MB/s (5520 IOPS, 4.64s)

1GB-1M Block 35.5 MB/s (33 IOPS, 29.52s) 694 MB/s (662 IOPS, 1.51s)

-> Network Speed ​​Test

Node Name Upload Speed ​​Download Speed ​​Ping Latency Server Name

Speedtest Default 110.52 MB/s 12.10 MB/s 5.63 ms Turksat Kablonet (Turkey Manisa)

China, Beijing CU Fail: Timeout Exceeded after 60 seconds

China, Shanghai CT 11.92 MB/s 0.38 MB/s 256.16 ms China Telecom (China Shanghai)

China, Hangzhou CM Fail: Timeout Exceeded after 60 seconds

===================================================== ===========================================

[Info] Bench Finish Time: 2022-09-01 11:54:18

[Info] Time Elapsed: 202 seconds

[Info] Please wait, collecting results …

[Info] Generating Report…

[Info] Saving local Report…

[Info] Generating Report URL …

[Success] Report Generate Success! Please save the follwing link:

[Info] Report URL:

Then look at streaming

** Testing for IPv4 unlocking

HBO Now: No

Bahamut Anime: Failed (Network Connection)

Abema.TV: No

Princess Connect Re:Dive Japan: Yes


BiliBili China Mainland Only: No

BiliBili Hongkong/Macau/Taiwan: No

Bilibili Taiwan Only: No

Netflix: Yes (Region: TR)

YouTube Region: TR

Disney Plus: Yes

Steam Currency: TRY

** Your network is: Berke FINCANCI (185.118.*.*)

===========[ Multination ]============

Dazn: No

HotStar: No

Disney+: Yes (Region: TR)

Netflix: Yes (Region: TR)

YouTube Premium: Yes (Region: TR)

Amazon Prime Video: Yes (Region: TR)

TVBAnywhere+: Yes

iQyi Overseas Region: INTL No

YouTube CDN: Associated with [TURKTELEK]

Netflix Preferred CDN: Bucharest

Spotify Registration: No

Steam Currency: TRY

Then look at the IP risk level and detect it by @zpcny_bot

MaxMind IPScore: 45 ⚠️

IpQualityScore (Fraud score): 65 ✅

IpQualityScore (Abuse velocity): low ✅

PROXY: yes

VPN: yes

TOR: no

COUNTRY: Turkey [TR]

STATE: Manisa [45]

CITY: Magnesia ad Sipylum

ZIP: 45100

TIME ZONE: Europe/Istanbul, +03 | UTC 3.0 | 17:29

IP TYPE: hosting

ASN: 49805


BL status: Not blacklisted

Then the words of UNIX Bench

Single-core 495.3 Dual-core 837.8 As expected, a poor level, but considering the price, it’s okay

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