Nanchang Ship Theme Park

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Returning to Nanchang City from the Haihunhou State Museum, I was drowsy all the way. Because I took a taxi, I had plenty of time, and the two hours saved was enough to visit the nearby “Nanchang” ship theme park in Honggutan.

The “Nanchang” ship, hull number 163, is a Type 051 destroyer originally belonging to the Chinese Navy. Construction began in Guangzhou Shipyard in 1977, launched in 1979, entered service in the South China Sea Fleet in 1982, and transferred to the North Sea Fleet in 2004. It was decommissioned and converted into a national defense education facility on September 8, 2016, and was moored in the Nanchang Ship Theme Park on the west bank of the Ganjiang River in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

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This warship is actually the same as the “Xining” ship visited in the Taizhou Naval Ship Park in 2021. It is a 051D type. The difference is that the “Xining” ship is the first ship of the D type built at the Dalian Shipyard, while the “Nanchang” ship The ship is the fifth ship of the D-type built for the first time at the Guangzhou Shipyard.

In order to make an extra ten yuan, the unscrupulous driver threw the person at the entrance and exit of the intersection of Ganjiang North Avenue and Jinjiang Road, and had to walk back 1 kilometer to get to the theme park ticket office. It’s fine to walk 1 km along the river on a hot afternoon, and feel extremely sour and refreshed…

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