Nandil, former design director of Xiaomi, joins Byte as head of Pico social design

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Pinwan, July 22, according to Tech Planet, former Xiaomi design director Nan Dier has joined ByteDance as the head of Pico social design. Nandeer has been engaged in user experience design for more than 10 years, and has been in charge of cutting-edge experience design, leading the design of over 10 million sales products in artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, and virtual reality interactive experience.

According to public information, after graduating from university, Nandier joined Rococo Design, serving as ID designer, service designer, and head of interaction design. After joining Baidu in 2012, he was responsible for the experience design of Baidu Netdisk, Baidu Smart Hardware and other projects.

He joined Xiaomi in 2016 and served as the design director. According to Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in the article “Cultivating Design Thinking, Using “Knowledge” to Help “Intelligence””, during his tenure at Xiaomi, Nandier once formed the Xiaomi Technology Intelligent Hardware Design Team , responsible for the experience design of three platform-level core product lines: Xiaomi AI speaker, Xiaomi VR and Xiaomi router. Among them, he led the brand naming, design and IP operation of Xiaomi voice assistant “Xiao Ai”.

In 2021, he briefly served as the head of the platform design center in Fit Future, and then joined Byte in 2022 as the head of Pico social design.

This time, Byte recruited Nandeer to join Pico as the social design director, or took a fancy to his rich design experience on hardware devices, hoping to give users a better interactive experience on Pico.

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