National Development and Reform Commission: The National Day holiday is approaching, and do a good job in ensuring supply and stable prices


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The National Day holiday is approaching, and the demand for important livelihood commodities such as vegetables and pork is booming. The National Development and Reform Commission stated that it will urge and guide all localities to take various methods such as strengthening production, placing reserves, and market supervision, and effectively ensuring supply and price stability. Meng Wei, a spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission, said that from the perspective of market operation, relevant policies and measures have achieved positive results. Recently, the prices of refined grains and oils have been basically stable, the prices of vegetables and eggs have fallen, and the prices of pork have been running smoothly on the whole. We will continue to track the market situation of important commodities for people’s livelihood, ensure sufficient market supply and overall price stability, and create a favorable price environment for the masses to celebrate the festival. (CCTV News)
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