Banshi Smart completed tens of millions of yuan in pre-A round financing, led by Shenzhen Venture Capital

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36氪 was informed that the industrial 3D visual inspection company “Banshi Intelligent” received tens of millions of yuan in pre-A round financing. This round of financing was led by Shenzhen Venture Capital, followed by Guoke Jiahe and Fusheng Capital, and the old shareholder Guohong Jiaxin chase. This round of financing will be mainly used for product development, marketing and team building.

In recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing in my country and the development trend of thinning and miniaturization of intelligent products, the detection of the upstream of the manufacturing industry has also begun to move towards high precision and multi-dimensionality. The previous two-dimensional visual inspection products have been difficult to meet the demand, and the demand for three-dimensional vision is increasing. According to data from market research company BCC Resreach, in the development of machine vision, the proportion of 3D vision will be higher and higher, and it is expected to account for as high as 45% in 2023, and the amount will reach 7.8 billion US dollars.

Focusing on 3D visual inspection, Banshi Intelligent, founded in 2018, mainly provides industrial 3D visual inspection products with a combination of software and hardware for consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor and other markets. At present, the products that have been launched include general-purpose microscopic 3D topography measurement systems, white light interference detection equipment, and computational phase 3D measurement systems.

Specifically, the microscopic 3D topography measurement system launched by Banshi has a repeatability of 0.03 nanometers. It adopts the non-contact interference principle, which can perform nano-level detection without causing damage to the product. For the laser phase 3D measurement system, the core algorithm is independently developed by Banshi Intelligent, which can not only achieve nanometer-level high precision, but also achieve millisecond-level detection speed and realize online detection.


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Cheng Hengheng, founder and CEO of Banshi Intelligence, told 36氪 that the principle of phase detection can be simply understood as collecting the light intensity signal and converting it into a phase signal, and then reconstructing and calculating the phase signal to invert the three-dimensional appearance of the product. Because the traditional mechanical physical scanning process is eliminated, the detection speed is faster and the accuracy is higher.

But the difficulty that comes with it lies in the algorithm. Since the optical diffraction limit restricts the high precision of detection, Banshi Intelligence adopts the method of model comparison in the software algorithm. The periodic topography waveform of the product is collected through self-developed hardware equipment, and then matched with the existing standard model to calculate the three-dimensional structural characteristics of the product.

At the algorithm level, according to the detection requirements, Banshi Intelligent has independently developed a number of algorithms such as progressive height detection, progressive contour detection, and non-destructive testing. It can continuously measure the product at any position, and at the same time, it can also make up for the pain point of limited vision of high-precision hardware through non-destructive splicing, and realize high-precision detection with a large field of view, which can meet more than 90% of the detection needs.

In recent years, 3D inspection has been paid more and more attention, but in practical applications, due to the highly discrete application scenarios of downstream customers of 3D inspection, most manufacturers are project-integrated and need to carry out a large number of customized development, which not only consumes manpower and material costs Expensive, and the deployment cycle is also long.

Based on this, Banshi Intelligence has focused on the versatility of products from the very beginning. Through self-developed software and hardware equipment, and focusing on relatively standardized detection scenarios, it has developed industry-wide 3D visual inspection products. It has successively launched advanced SST And GAT algorithm, can be widely used in new energy, semiconductor, 3C and other industries, greatly improving production efficiency and detection accuracy.


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In terms of team, the core founding team of Banshi Intelligence is mostly from Keyence, the world’s largest supplier of industrial visual inspection products, and has rich experience in industrial visual inspection. The core technical team consists of a number of doctors and technical experts in the field of vision, and there are nearly 30 master and doctoral R&D teams. In terms of core optical path design and optical imaging, a number of technical achievements have been published in top journals such as nature communications.

As the lead investor in this round, Cui Pengxiang, chief researcher of intelligent manufacturing at Shenzhen Venture Capital, said: “Whether it is based on the industry trend of high-end and intelligent upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, or the urgent need for autonomous and controllable high-end equipment, precision visual inspection has broad scenarios. And a bright future. The Banshi Intelligent team is excellent and comprehensive, with industry cognition, original research ability, market understanding, and excellent chemical reaction. Since the establishment of Banshi Intelligent, the product line and business path are reasonable and clear, with a complete short-term and medium-term The long-term product matrix planning and implementation path, from the solution to the domestic replacement of core equipment to the forward-looking original technology in a very short period of time, is commendable. Banshi intelligent core product performance indicators are industry-leading and have been recognized by leading customers. New products are progressing smoothly, and line lasers, laser phase systems, etc. have been launched one after another. We are optimistic about Banshi Intelligence and continue to bring glory to domestic precision instruments.”

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