National Energy Administration: Vigorously promote the implementation of oil and gas related plans and increase upstream investment with greater efforts

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 25 that the National Energy Administration recently organized a 2022 work promotion meeting to vigorously enhance oil and gas exploration and development in Beijing. The meeting required that the political position should be effectively improved, and the bottom line of oil and gas strategic security should be firmly adhered to. The certainty of increasing production and ensuring supply to cope with the uncertainty of the external environment. It is necessary to vigorously promote the implementation of oil and gas-related plans, increase upstream investment with greater efforts, and help ensure economic operation and people's livelihood needs; vigorously promote new breakthroughs in offshore oil and gas exploration and development, and improve the degree of exploration of offshore oil and gas resources; vigorously promote shale Oil and shale gas have become strategic continuation fields, firm the direction of unconventional oil and gas development, and accelerate the development of unconventional resources; vigorously promote the efficient use of proven oil and gas resources, and improve the degree of reserves production and recovery; vigorously promote independent innovation in oil and gas technology, and make every effort to Break through the key technologies of oil and gas exploration and development, and optimize the demonstration and promotion of cases with outstanding application effects; vigorously promote the green development of upstream oil and gas, implement clean replacement of production energy, and realize the deep integration of exploration and development with new energy; give full play to the institutional advantages of concentrating on major events to form All parties work together to support the strong synergy of oil and gas reserves and production.

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