National Health Commission: The National Health Information Platform for the Whole People Has Been Preliminarily Completed


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 Titanium Media App reported on September 2 that the National Health Commission held a press conference today (September 2) to introduce the progress and effectiveness of health informatization work since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The relevant person in charge of the National Health and Medical Commission said that the national national health information platform has been initially established, and the provincial overall regional national health information platform has been continuously improved to achieve full coverage of platforms at all levels. Establish and improve databases such as population information, residents' electronic health records, electronic medical records, and basic resources, actively promote public hospitals to gradually access regional national health information platforms, and rely on the platform to promote the exchange and sharing of diagnosis and treatment information among different medical institutions. Give play to the important role of big data in epidemic prevention and control, monitoring and analysis, virus traceability, and material allocation. Promote the unification of health code policies and standards, realize "one code for one province" in all provinces in the country, realize the nationwide sharing of nucleic acid testing and new crown virus vaccination information, ensure national mutual recognition of nucleic acid testing results, and use big data to track risk groups to ensure effective protection. The public travels in an orderly manner. (Source: CCTV News)

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