Nenglian Zhidian landed on Nasdaq and became the first stock of charging services in China

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 Titanium Media App reported on June 11 that Nenglian Zhidian was listed on Nasdaq with the stock code "NAAS", becoming the first Chinese charging service stock and the third Chinese concept stock listed in the United States this year.  Nenglian Zhidian completed the listing this time through mergers and acquisitions. In February 2022, Energy Chain Zhidian and Ruisi Education signed a merger agreement. On May 31, Ruisi Education submitted the two-year complete financial data of Nenglian Zhidian to the US Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC), and submitted relevant applications such as stock code changes to Nasdaq.  According to the announcement data, Energy Chain Smart Electric is affiliated to Energy Chain Holdings, an energy digital enterprise. By the end of 2021, the smart electricity business of Energy Chain covers 288 cities and 290,000 charging piles, of which over 200,000 DC fast charging piles, accounting for 51% of China's public DC fast charging piles.

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