Net Cloud Pass Lifetime VIP limited time offer: exclusive broadband, permanent multi-map tunnel [intranet penetration tool that can be tried for free]

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NetCloud is a simple and easy-to-use intranet penetration tool. It can realize low-cost extranet access to intranet, remote control, game online, file sharing and other functions. The peak bandwidth speed of the tunnel is high, and the software stability is good. . Currently, the lifetime VIP version of NetCloud is offering a limited-time offer: exclusive broadband, permanent multi-map tunnel. @Appinn

网云穿终身版 VIP 限时优惠:独享宽带、永久多映射隧道[可免费试用的内网穿透工具] 1

Let’s talk about intranet penetration first. Whether you use third-party services or buy a cloud server to build a transit server yourself, you need cash costs. For users without public IP, there is currently no perfect 0 cost usage.

Net Cloud Wear Lifetime VIP Limited Time Offer

Let’s first introduce the details of this lifetime version of the VIP special offer (net cloud wear gives special benefits to niche software users):

【Special high-speed free renewal version VIP】

  • The event is very cheap, one-time payment, permanent use, starting from ¥379 ;
  • Some buy one get one free, unlimited traffic, free second-level domain names, and can be bound to registered own domain names;

【Multi-map free renewal version VIP】

  • 1.4% off for a limited time; can map multiple ports at the same time, log in and use on multiple machines, starting from ¥739;
  • Each mapping has exclusive bandwidth and unlimited traffic;
  • The commercial version of the tunnel realizes multi-port mapping and can penetrate multiple devices separately;
  • Annual payment, 30% off for a limited time, multiple mappings, high-speed bandwidth

The above activities can be selected as needed; the original price will be restored when sold out; you can click the following activity links to purchase:

The main price difference is bandwidth, and to get faster speeds, you need more bandwidth.

At the current price of the lifetime version, it is still quite favorable. If you want to know the same price of the major conscience clouds and routine clouds, you should buy one for 2 to 3 years, and you need to configure the system and maintain the service yourself. If the system hangs in the middle of the night, you have to get up and repair it. Don’t ask how the green frog is. I know, don’t ask.

Net cloud wear tutorial

As a commercial service, there are many tutorials for using NetCloud Wear, such as:

Green Frog uses the simplest example to illustrate how to use NetCloud to share intranet files. The main process is:

Register > Create Tunnel > Configure Tunnel > Download Client Login > Enable Sharing Using Built-in “One-Click File Sharing Function”:

网云穿终身版 VIP 限时优惠:独享宽带、永久多映射隧道[可免费试用的内网穿透工具] 2

It is very convenient to access intranet files on the external network. And if you have advanced financial equipment such as Raspberry Pi at home, it will be more playable, and it can be used on the external network like the internal network.

Pay attention to the intranet and extranet mentioned here, which can be understood like this: intranet -> home; extranet -> cafe/office.

网云穿终身版 VIP 限时优惠:独享宽带、永久多映射隧道[可免费试用的内网穿透工具] 3

Finally, don’t miss the special offer for those who need it, the purchase link:

And, when the service at home is gradually increasing, I don’t know how to manage it?

In fact, this is also the problem encountered by the little frog, and the final solution is:

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