Neusoft Group Responds to Chengdu Nucleic Acid System Abnormal: Network Failure


On the afternoon of September 3, Neusoft Group issued a statement saying that since the Chengdu epidemic, the Neusoft full-scene epidemic pathogen detection information system (hereinafter referred to as the Neusoft nucleic acid detection system) was launched urgently… According to the statement, the Neusoft nucleic acid detection system was launched at 04:00 on September 2. It was put into use for the first time. After the system went online, it was found that there were some phenomena such as response delay and freeze. According to the judgment of technical experts, the current system response delay, freeze and other phenomena have nothing to do with the nucleic acid detection system software… At around 13:00 on September 3, the system It was impossible to access again. After investigation, it was found that there was a network failure. After the network connection was restored, the system resumed operation again around 14:00.
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