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I remember that when I was in college, I read a social survey book that investigated the causes of suicide in Chinese families. But think about it, if this book were to be made public on the Internet today, it would simply be a “banned book” — not only does it contain a rebellious discussion of the original family, it is believed that most of the children’s suicide is because of their parents; The analysis of women as the leading cause of suicide, in some relationships between men and women, many of the reasons why men commit suicide are from the emotional pressure released by women and so on.

If you want to publish such a paper in today’s world, you can use the title of “Analysis of the Causes of Men’s Contribution to Women’s Suicide in Today’s Society”. Although it has been subdivided, it will not attract an iron fist – of course, this is a later story Now, let’s talk about the content of the book itself.

This book mentions a very core reason-that is, the client who chooses to commit suicide must be because of a “bad thing” that becomes the opportunity for him to choose suicide-including “world-weary” suicides who choose to commit suicide Suicide is also because “I can’t even survive myself.” However, there is also an unavoidable bug in this book – those suicides with suicide notes can of course reasonably analyze the root cause of a person’s suicide, and the existence of such suicide notes is very extreme – or it points to a The real reason for people to commit suicide either points to a person who pretended to be suicide because he was killed by him.

In those cases of “inexplicable” suicide without a suicide note, the editor’s investigation was conducted by interviewing people who knew the deceased person, and analyzed the reasons for a person’s suicide – but this matter itself is full of A lot of uncontrollable and subjective. Those who are alive cannot use the thinking of the dead to rethink their life; of course, the living also have an irresistible “rule”, that is, “the dead are the greatest”, the closer the person is to the suicide , the more it will find a direct “murderer” for the death of the person involved – of course, during the investigation, the editor also found that perhaps the death of the person involved was directly related to the person who tried to find a “true murderer” , but it is impossible for these people to admit their fault under the rule of “the dead is the greatest”. Therefore, these investigations themselves are full of paradoxes – the person who caused the suicide of others is the last straw for the original deceased, but he is looking for the real culprit who caused the death of the person concerned.

As a child, I experienced several suicides by people I knew, but adults were not allowed to discuss the reasons behind the deaths. Some people who I thought were impossible to commit suicide finally chose to leave a “puzzle” to commit suicide, which is somewhat reminiscent. And there are all kinds of speculations and inferences about the deaths of these people – they will eventually form a few fixed story lines, and when I hear these stories as an adult, they seem to have become their own factions. “the truth”. But as for why the person died in the first place, no one knows, and of course no one cares.

However, in these “story lines”, I have heard a version that not many people mentioned – it was the family of the deceased who found a goddess who had the ability to “go to the shadows”. The goddess learned of his death through dialogue with the deceased With a lot of resentment, and this resentment came from his wife. Of course, this story is too inconsistent with “the dead is the greatest”, that is, the family members of the parties also belong to the beneficiaries of “the dead are the greatest”, and they should not and cannot be the “murderers” of the cause of the deceased’s death. Therefore, I have heard this version of the story line a few times – but I think it is in line with the basic logic of the “reason behind” and “common sense of the plot”.

But the good thing is that people can’t pry any truth out of the mouths of the dead to get this paper on suicide research published, because when the person wrote the book, he could “reasonable” but not It will subvert the “dead is greater” approach and create a thought-provoking “storyline”. Those who were investigated, they all had a story line about the deceased, and these clues were used to avoid their responsibilities, to pass their own faults, to redeem their guilt, or to find a “real murderer” who could be responsible for the deceased. . It doesn’t matter what, what matters is, what kind of “benefits” this suicidal person can bring to these living people – ironically speaking, this may be this group of people who always feel that they can’t do anything well. Good (even perfect) last thing.

Fortunately, not everyone can talk to the dead. These people who expressed the most desire to know why the deceased committed suicide may be the same group of people who are most afraid that the deceased will tell them the truth, and those who feel that the other party will never be able to do anything well.

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