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practice the piano

My daughter does not like to practice the piano, but likes to take piano lessons.

We feel that you have to practice every day to convince us that you really like piano lessons and to continue to support you in taking lessons. After all, lessons are part of learning the piano, and ordinary practice is more important. So, my daughter asked for our help and reminded her to practice the piano.

But every time my wife called to practice the piano, my daughter was always unhappy. So I made my wife unhappy, and I always had to say two extra words to her, and the whole atmosphere was very bad. When it happened again this week, I walked over and told my wife to go away to cool off. I watched her practice. I also don’t understand music and performance, so I can’t give any guidance. But I am very clear: I don’t talk about you, I will sit with you, and when you finish your practice, you will count. There are so many songs in total, and it takes 10 minutes to practice in one breath. You can play it for 30 minutes, or you can play it in 10 minutes. If you want to do 10 minutes in 30 minutes, come here. If you want to stop playing, you can chat another day and see how to solve it. But now is the time to practice the piano, not the time to discuss.

So, she just finished playing one by one.

Later, I asked her who would supervise the piano playing in the future. She said to herself or her mother.

I said, I also want you to come, or your mother to come. But, if your mother reminds you to let you play the piano, you will be angry, and I will accompany you.

grow flowers

The wife started to grow flowers.

Started with a few good plants, and recently added orchids.

After deciding not to have more children, she said, there seemed to be excess motherhood. Taking care of plants and flowers seems to be the divergence of the nature of wanting to take care of the growth of life.

We discussed before about whether or not to have three babies. It’s the final decision. At least you don’t have to wake up at night to grow flowers.

Catch crabs

Going crabbing again this week, with a friend’s house. Eat the sea by the sea.

The wife did the research and said the crabs we were going to catch were at least 45 feet below the water. Therefore, the cage cannot be placed too shallow.

She also felt that if she wanted to catch crabs, she had to use bait. In one of my cages, I put more bait in one cage and less in the other, which is considered as an experiment to test her theory. My friend’s cage has less bait than mine.

When we put the cage, the boat we used was not very good at rowing, and after tossing for a long time, it felt like it was getting farther and farther from the shore. In the end, the two cages at a friend’s house were placed in a shallow place. We were exhausted and gave up the plan to relocate them. That’s it.

As a result, when I picked up the cage in the afternoon, there was not one cage in the shallow water of my friend’s house. In the other two cages in my house, the ones with less bait have three crabs; the ones with more bait have six. A total of 9 crabs were caught. The two split up and went home.

The wife’s theory is correct.

Freshly caught crabs are delicious.


Lost the crab pot again

I had planned to catch a few and go home.

The wife felt that she could put the cage in the water and come back to get it in a day. She also checked that the crab traps can be kept overnight during the two days when the park is open for crab fishing.

I obeyed.

As a result, when I went to get the cage the next day, there was one less cage. It just disappeared, and I couldn’t find it after looking around.

In the cage that was found, there was not a single crab.

Fortunately, I caught four in a friend’s cage.

After going ashore, I found that the buoy we carried on our crab pot had two finger-wide cuts that seemed to have been hit by a propeller. We speculate that the reason why the other cage was missing was probably that when a boat passed by, the rope got tangled in someone else’s engine, so they might have cut the rope to protect themselves.

I left it overnight, caught nothing, and lost a set of tools, which is a bit unfortunate.

The children also felt unhappy. But our friend gave us half the crab we caught.

My son seems to have a cold

Before going out, my son put on trousers and said he was cold.

The wife said that the sun is outside and it will be hot. Put him in shorts.

As a result, the child reached the beach, still shouting cold. Lie on the hot sandy floor to keep warm.

Later, when I ran over, it was still cold. I took off my clothes for him.

After I went into the water to get the crab pot and came back, I found that he got into the big bag of my inflatable boat for shelter from the wind, and he fell asleep.

So, hurry up and pack up and go home. On the way, my son fell asleep. We were also concerned that he went to bed too early and would not be able to sleep at night.

After I got home, I cleaned up the boat and crab pots in the car, and then I went to pick up my son and get off the car. He woke up and continued to cry cold. I kissed his forehead, hot. Give him less cleaning, scrub off the sand and dust from the beach, and I spray him on the bed to rest. He covered the quilt and still shouted cold. Using the thermometer to measure the problem, confirmed my judgment: my son has a fever.

Recalling that he started calling him cold in the afternoon, but we still dragged him to the beach to blow the sea breeze, and replaced the warm and windproof clothes the child had put on with short swimsuits, which was really inappropriate.

Putting it on the bed, he slept without having dinner. Well, take a good rest.

Going to camp tomorrow, hope he gets better!

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