New experience in video banking

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In the morning, I received a call from the provident fund staff saying that my deduction failed, and asked me to check the balance or bank card. I vaguely remembered a text message from the bank saying that my certificate had expired a few days ago. Turn to the text message and take a closer look. Since the reserved certificate information has expired for more than 6 months, the non-counter business of the bank card has been suspended.

After lunch, I found a new ID card and tried to maintain the information through the WeChat Bank official account. Reading text messages can be handled at the counter or APP, so I downloaded the APP. I still can’t log in after one operation, and the password reset is also an error. I found the customer service phone and said that I don’t need to log in and enter the video bank on the home page to handle my business. After hanging up the phone, I successfully found the function, filled in the relevant information, and then transferred to the video customer service. After waiting in line for a few minutes, I finally saw the staff. After verification, the staff helped me complete the process. During this period, the alarm on my mobile phone rang, and I operated the screen with my hands. The customer service staff reminded me that it is recommended not to take screenshots of the whole recording and video recording of the system. It took a few seconds for me to understand. The customer service thought I took a screenshot of the video with her, which was embarrassing. The overall business experience is relatively good, but there are some cumbersome operations, which saves some time to go to the counter.

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