New opportunity! AliExpress surpasses Amazon in the Polish market to become the first

Recently, Poland’s authoritative media “Poland Daily” released data saying that among the most popular local e-commerce platforms, China’s cross-border e-commerce platform AliExpress and the local local e-commerce platform Allegro are leading. Among them, in the field of cross-border e-commerce, AliExpress ranks first.

According to the report, although the US e-commerce platforms Amazon and eBay also participate in the market competition, the Poles are convinced of the e-commerce platforms from Asia (referring to AliExpress, etc.). The data shows that Amazon and Shopee are tied for third place.


[Note: Polish media consulting company Gemius released the number of consumers’ visits to Polish e-commerce]

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers data, the Polish market has huge potential for e-commerce. During the epidemic, the proportion of consumers who are accustomed to online purchases reached 85%. Paweł Kowalik, PwC’s strategy manager, said that even though Poles can already go to shopping malls, the habit of online shopping will not change.

Poland is becoming another opportunity market worth exploring for domestic cross-border merchants. In the past year, AliExpress has established overseas warehouses and self-collection cabinets in Poland. It is understood that AliExpress’s overseas warehouse in Lodz, Poland can not only cover the local area, but also radiate to Eastern and Central Europe. Up to now, AliExpress has built more than 500 sets of self-collection cabinets, mainly covering 6 cities in the core of Poland.


[Note: AliExpress’s self-pickup cabinet on the streets of Warsaw, Poland]

Gary, head of AliExpress’s European market, said that with the increase in AliExpress’s popularity in the Polish market, this year AliExpress will accelerate the delivery time of overseas warehouses and improve service quality. From the previous 3-day delivery nationwide, it has been upgraded to next-day delivery, and even the fastest 24-hour delivery, realizing a service experience equivalent to local e-commerce. This can greatly enhance the local competitiveness of domestic cross-border merchants and help domestic merchants to open new markets quickly and at low cost.

In terms of product selection, Gary also gave his own advice. Female users in Poland account for more than 55% of AliExpress, so this summer Chinese sellers can focus on choosing party-related clothing, make-up, wearing decorations, and festive supplies. Home-related small and fresh furniture decoration, lanterns, beautiful fans, sportswear related to weight loss, and home sports equipment, etc.

In fact, not only Poland, but AliExpress has recently won the first place in Chile and other countries, becoming an important platform for domestic cross-border merchants to quickly open up new markets at low cost.


[Note: The proportion of orders from cross-border e-commerce platforms in the Chilean market]

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