NextCloud upload large file limit problem [solved several errors]

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This article mainly solves several error reporting problems when using NextCloud to transfer large files.

I have been using NextCloud for more than two years. My DIY xxnas was introduced in the previous article. I mainly use docker to run NextCloud on the OMV system. So far, the main dissatisfaction is that the hard disk capacity is not enough, because I use hardware Raid Card, using 4 pieces of 1T hard disk group Raid5, due to some mysterious operations, unknowingly, the system crashed, the database could not be connected, other data were all there, and the Raid5 also had a rebuild operation, the hard disk was not damaged, no Know why a disk goes into rebuild mode. In view of this situation, copy out the data first Say it again.

The data is safe, let’s find the reason next. In fact, a rookie like me didn’t find the problem. The database just couldn’t be connected. I was going to rebuild and increase the hard disk investment. Since I used to be a player cloud user, there are three hard disks. 2T hard disk, I bought another 2T hard disk group Raid10, for speed and security. In the meantime continue to use NextCloud.

NextCloud is ready, ready to re-synchronize the previous data, and it has been hit: large files can never be uploaded; strange, my previous version of NextCloud did not have this problem; at least it reported an error and failed after multiple uploads Ok, the current situation is that the large files cannot be synchronized with life and death, and errors are reported all the time, and files over 600M cannot be used.

During the large file transfer process, there are repeated retries and errors, and the error messages are basically as follows:

“unable to write”

“413 request…

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