Niche text counter – select text, count the number of words [Reissue]

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Niche text counter is a small tool written by AHK released by a niche software in 2008, author @sfufoet . This morning, Green Frog saw a classmate leave a message in such an old post asking if there is a download, so there is this reissued version . @Appinn

小众文字计数器 - 选中文字,统计字数[重发版]

In that old post, two people came to ask for the download address. Because it’s too old, I can’t find it either, so I downloaded it from a third-party download site.🙈

Original post: Niche text counter

Niche text counter

This gadget has one and only one version, v0.1. I didn’t expect it to be smooth in Windows 10.

小众文字计数器 - 选中文字,统计字数[重发版] 1


  1. selected text
  2. Press the shortcut key F12
  3. View Statistics

Right-click the tray icon to modify the shortcut keys.

In addition, according to the description of the previous post , it is possible to separately count the number of words, the number of Chinese characters, and the number of Chinese punctuation. English punctuation cannot be counted.

The principle is “the selected text (no matter what encoding) will be copied to the clipboard (it becomes GBK at this time), the program will get it from the clipboard, then restore the clipboard, and finally count.”

Simple to use, 237KB.



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