Nine people were killed in a mountain collapse accident in a coal mining enterprise in Jingtai, Gansu, and one person is still missing

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 Titan Media App reported on July 23 that a mountain collapse accident occurred in a coal mining enterprise in Jingtai County at around 11:15 on July 23. At present, 9 people have been killed, 7 people were slightly injured, and 1 person is still missing. According to further verification by the local relevant departments, when the accident occurred, the staff of Shanxi Coking Coal Civil Explosion Group were on their way to the Hongsheng Coal Industry in Gansu for operation when the mountain collapsed and the construction personnel and vehicles were buried. As of 17:50 on July 23, 17 people were involved in danger, 16 people have been rescued and sent to the hospital for treatment, of which 1 person died on the spot, 2 people died on the way to the hospital, 6 people were seriously injured and died after all efforts were made to rescue them, and 7 people were slightly injured . One missing person is in full search and rescue.

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