no spring birthday

If I recall my birthday in 2022 in a few years, what will I think of?

Perhaps, I will think that this is a year without spring.

Even though I was born in May, this should be the month when early summer begins. But the temperature still reminds you from time to time that the tail of winter doesn’t seem to have left.

It is precisely because of this that there will be no spring for my 38th birthday this May.

This is an era of pessimism, and yes, I used the word “era”.

Because starting in 2019, our lives have changed dramatically.

And if nothing else, our lives will change. And, it’s not changing for the better.

I often laugh at myself as an active pessimist. However, I now have to admit that I have also started to have depression.

I think I’d be much happier if I didn’t think too much and chose to follow blindly or turn a blind eye.

However, I can’t. The most important thing for human beings to live in this world is to think.

Moreover, in the face of this society, it is difficult for you not to think about something.

In my college days, we were hopeful about the future, we thought our society would be more enlightened and progressive.

We thought at that time that when we became the mainstream of society, our society had already recognized the legalization of gay marriage, more respect for women’s rights, and even constitutional reform had reached a certain point.

But now what?

Ah! These are really bad times!

As usual, I bought myself a few books as a birthday present.

Qian Mu’s “Outline of National History “, Shi Tiesheng’s ” I and the Altar of Earth “, Rousseau’s “The Social Contract ” and Cesare Beccaria’s “On Crime and Punishment “.

The reason for choosing “The Outline of National History” is that “reading history makes one’s aspirations clear.” At the same time, I want to look at the way Chinese history is expressed from a non-Communist perspective. And “I and the Temple of Earth” is famous for a long time but has never had the opportunity to read it. Recently, when I reread Gui Youguang’s “Xiangji Xuanzhi”, I read the last sentence “There is a loquat tree in the courtyard, which was planted by my wife in the year of her death, and now it’s like a roof.” When someone said this sentence It is similar to the last paragraph of Shi Tiesheng’s “Acacia Tree” (included in “I and the Altar of Earth”).

One day that child grows up and thinks of childhood, of those swaying shadows of trees, of his own mother, and he will run to see that tree. But he wouldn’t know who planted that tree and how.

——Shi Tiesheng, “Acacia Tree”

As for “The Social Contract Theory” and “On Crime and Punishment,” they came to mind when discussing the issue of “abolition of the death penalty” with someone one day. After all, the current mainstream ideas of “abolition of death” come from these two books.

I vaguely remember that I was a staunch “abolitionist” supporter in college, but now…I’m now more of a prudent and minimal use of the death penalty.

Sure enough, people’s minds change over time and experience.

After doing the ” China Political Coordinate System Test ” again, my position has also changed a lot. Politically and culturally, I’m still liberal, especially culturally, becoming more “radical”; but economically, I’ve become more conservative.

In fact, I rarely express my views on current affairs, because I know that my views are meaningless to this society.

However, I suddenly heard a sentence, and I felt that I still needed to say something.

This is our last generation.

The comment on this is actually already in the “Tao Te Ching”, “The people are not afraid of death, how can they be afraid of death?”

Yes, that’s all I can say.

There should be a piece of music at the end, and I think “Destroy” by the Flower Band might be a good fit.

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