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Where the car is parked every day, there are many factors to consider:

In the sun during the day, the car will be very hot, especially in summer, it will be too stuffy to live in, so try to find shade.

But it’s hard to find large, shade-covering trees that cover the entire roof, usually just a tree by the side of the road. So predict the direction and park your car to the southwest of the tree, so that the shade will just block the sun in the morning.

But if you sleep until noon or even afternoon, you will still be exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to further predict according to the sleep time of the next day, so that the car will be exposed to the sun when it is not too hot in the morning, and will fall under the shade of the tree when it is the hottest at noon.

Opening the small windows will not solve the sweltering problem. If you open the side door and the rear door together to keep the ventilation, it will indeed be a lot more comfortable. But need to consider mosquitoes (especially near trees), and being seen sleeping naked in the car by people outside. ——Although there are curtains, the ventilation effect will be much worse if the curtains are hung.

Go back and try the effect of ventilation with a fan.

It will be much better in winter, without having to consider the sweltering heat, the sun is shining, and the temperature is more comfortable.

However, when it rains, you can’t stop under the shade of a tree. Because the sound of rain falling on the roof of the car along the leaves is much louder than the white noise of rain falling on the roof naturally.

In the same way, I used to park under the eaves before, and it is convenient to organize things when it rains. But if the eaves do not completely cover the roof, the sound of rain hitting the roof along the eaves is super scary.


There are too many factors to consider. Occasionally forget one of them when the season changes, and sleep uncomfortable the next day. So I was thinking, should I make a flowchart and stick it in the car…

There will also be various noises during the day. Garbage trucks and lawn mowers in the morning need to be avoided, and even earplugs are required. But it is too detailed to say that, and your own sleep status and time also account for a large factor. So it is better to live in a room and lie down comfortably at any time. ——But if you live in a room and encounter long-term renovations nearby, it will be annoying. So, is it the correct solution to adjust the biological clock to sleep at night like normal humans?

Living in a car, you do think about a lot of things that you don’t think about when you live in a room: hot and cold, sunny or rainy, nearby trees, the direction of the sun and wind, nearby human activities… Although it’s annoying, it can’t be said to be a bad thing; On the other hand, if this is described as “more consideration of the relationship between people and the environment”, it is also a bit too expensive. So still just a different experience.

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