Notes on “Stutz’s Way of Healing”

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Just watched a great documentary that deserves to be recorded.

What to do if you feel lost in life?

1. Improve vitality

Turn ideas into cards and abstract into concrete.

There are three levels of vitality, like a pyramid of vitality, from bottom to top are
1. Relationship with the body (exercise, healthy diet, good sleep)

2. Relationship with others (proactively invite)

3. Relationship with yourself (you can establish a relationship with yourself through writing)

2. Part X

Uncertainty, pain is inevitable.

Take uncertainty as a sharpening stone on the road of life

Successful people dare to face uncertainty.

3. String of pearls

Keep active.

Don’t be a perfectionist. there is no perfect thing in the world

4. Shadow side

Everyone has their own shadow side.

Accept your shadow side. The shadow side is also a part of oneself.

about relationship

The important thing is not to make sense of what happened in the past.
The point is in the moment, what kind of relationship do you want the two parties to have?

5. Maze

Don’t expect the world to be fair

active connection love

Forgive others not for others, but for yourself. The purpose is to make life move forward.

The only way to have a successful relationship is to be fully vulnerable

6. Fully accept

There are things to learn from even the worst things.

The important thing is to face reality, “How should I face it now?”

7. Flow of Gratitude

The smaller and more specific the things to be grateful for, the better, which is conducive to focusing.

8. Loss handling

I can have a good thing and I allow myself to lose it.

It’s not that you want to be free from worries, but that you don’t want to be attached.

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