Old Driver iOS Weekly #213 | 2022-08-15

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🐎 How To Boost Your iOS Code Performance: Reduce Searching In Array / Reducing Collection Type Initialisation

@Smalfly : These two articles cover some little tricks to improve coding performance. When traversing an array, be wary of multiple loops, and think more about whether you can use Set/Dictionary to reduce complexity. Try to avoid creating collection types in the loop body, and pay special attention to Copy-on-write of value types.

🐕Cargo Lala iOS Driver Thread Management Summary

@AidenRao : The article mainly introduces the practice of thread management on the Lala iOS driver. Such as: management and allocation of queues, sorting and reconstruction of high-concurrency services, rational evaluation and transformation of thread usage, investigation and repair of thread-related crashes, and establishment of long-term mechanisms.

🐎 Content transition in SwiftUI

@Damien : The SwiftUI framework has provided view transitions since the first version. Whenever a view is removed or added, it can be rendered using specific animations. However, the SwiftUI framework cannot apply animated transition effects when the content of the view changes, and the SwiftUI framework brings us new features of content transition in the latest iteration. It allows us to apply specific transition animations when the content of the view changes. How? Students who are interested in SwiftUI may wish to read it.

🐢 Shared with You implementation and testing explained

@xiangerxiansen : In WWDC 22, Apple opened Shared with you , which was originally only available to Apple, to all developers. This article explains its working mechanism and adaptation method in detail.

🐎 Advances in Swift Package Manager’s dependency access control

@ZHANG Jiafu : In the latest Swift 5.7 development snapshot, a new flag called --explicit-target-dependency-import-check has been added to the swift executable, which improves SPM’s dependency system and allows developers to enable or disable a new The build validation step to detect import statements that are not explicitly defined in the target’s dependency list and trigger a warning or error accordingly. The author actually tested this new flag in this post.

🐎 MachO Code Signing Anatomy

@kemchenj : Verifying the correctness of code is one of the hardest problems in computer science, and since there is no universally correct algorithm, this verification is usually handled using digital signatures. You can read this article and think about how the verification of whether the code source is legal and whether the code has been modified is implemented.

🐎 Screen sharing optimization practice in RTC scenario

@BenBen : This article is not directly related to iOS. It mainly talks about how to optimize a strategy in the case of screen sharing on Feishu. The content of the current screen is identified through the algorithm, and then the analysis is performed to automatically switch to a different mode.

  1. Clear mode: Focus on clarity, try to maintain high resolution (eg, up to 4K original image quality), when bandwidth or performance is insufficient, only reduce the frame rate (eg: from 30fps -> 5fps) without reducing the resolution.

  2. Smooth mode: Focus on smoothness, try to increase the frame rate (for example: up to 30fps), when the bandwidth or performance is insufficient, reduce the resolution first (for example: from 4K -> 720p), and finally consider reducing the frame rate.

Manual switching is a basic option, but it is better through automation. The identification algorithms are mainly: optical flow method, decision tree, color histogram, direction statistics. The article generally gives some introductions, but it is also an introduction to introductory concepts, and interested students can learn about it.


🐕 Device List | AppleDB

@Barney : Device List can easily query the correspondence between Model, Name, Board, and Soc.

Moyu Weekly

@Moyu Weekly#64 : The 64th issue of Moyu Weekly is here, let’s take a look at the summary of this issue:

  • Topic in this issue: Take the opportunity to meet with App Store experts this August
  • Learning of the Week: Variable Capture in Swift Closures
  • Recommended content: program development documentation and resource website
  • Touch the Fish: A Somatosensory Recognition Air Shooting Simulator App; To-D Magazine

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