On the first day of the second round of land auctions in Shanghai, 35.5 billion yuan was collected, and the out-of-print luxury residential land was sold for nearly 2.8 billion yuan

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 25 that the second centralized land supply in Shanghai was launched. A total of 15 parcels of land were sold, with a total transaction price of about 35.5 billion yuan. Specifically, there were 9 cases where only one real estate company signed up and sold at the reserve price, involving Pudong New Area, Fengxian, Jing'an, Yangpu, Songjiang, Qingpu and other districts. A total of 6 parcels of land were auctioned on the spot today, and 4 of them entered the "one-time quotation" stage when they reached the stop price. The star plot on the first day of the soil auction was a plot in Xinjing Town, Changning District, which attracted a total of 6 real estate companies to participate, and was the one with the most registered real estate companies. According to the transfer documents, the plot ratio of the plot is 1.2, the planned construction area is about 27,700 square meters, the height limit is 12 meters, and the minimum residential limit is 80 sets. The plot is close to Shanghai Zoo and Xijiao Hotel, and is surrounded by villa areas, including "the No. 1 mansion in Shanghai" Tan Palace, Qingxi Garden in Xijiao, idyllic villas, etc. The market price is more than 100 million yuan. This out-of-print plot was finally acquired by Shanghai Chengtou at a price of 2.763 billion yuan, and the transaction floor price was nearly 100,000 yuan / square meter; the premium rate was 9.67%. This is also the highest premium rate on the first day of the soil auction. (Source: Yicai)

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