One mu of farmland received strategic investment

Yimu Tian is an Internet company based on mobile Internet technology, deeply cultivating the origin of agricultural products, and promoting the efficiency of agricultural product circulation. Focusing on the original market of agricultural products, it has built a national B2B e-commerce platform for agricultural products. The platform is positioned to promote “agricultural products into the city” and is committed to “making every mu of land more valuable”. Adopting the B2B e-commerce format, it mainly provides transaction matching services for agricultural product operators with a certain scale. The suppliers of the platform mainly include rural cooperatives, brokers, large planters, family farms, etc., and the purchasers mainly include agricultural product wholesalers, processing enterprises, Supermarkets, restaurant chains, B2C sellers, export trading companies, group purchases, etc. Recently, Yimu Tian has obtained strategic investment, which is invested by Dezhou Caijin Group.

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