One year anniversary of Duan Xiansen’s personal blog

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Today is the first anniversary of Duan Xiansen’s personal blog. Time flies so fast!

The first anniversary mentioned here is the first anniversary of the re-build of the blog, which is the meaning of this domain name.

To commemorate here, a lot of things happened in a year, it is difficult to say, but overall it is still very good.

In one year, the blog has gradually changed from daily to weekly, so that I don’t know when it will be updated, and the changes have changed a lot.

Duan Xiansen has been employed for almost two years, and his relationship with colleagues and friends is also very good. Recently, we have changed secretary again, and we have to adapt. In other words, it seems that in some places, the secretary and the mayor have already picked it up. I don’t know if we will be here.

I have been with Xiaobao for more than three years. There are quarrels and happiness together. Fortunately, everything is developing in a good direction.

In the past year, Duan Xiansen has built many websites, and in the end, only his own website, blog circle, blog circle and good book friends survived. We will focus on the development of these sites in the future. Who knows, this time next year might be another story.

Duan Xiansen’s personal blog is currently included in Baidu’s 4020, Sogou’s 25, and Google’s 162. Every day he visits about ip40, and it runs normally.

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Happy 1st anniversary to Duan Xiansen’s personal blog!

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