Open source front-end web program based on subconverter subscription conversion

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In the first half of this year, I learned about vuejs and js, so I simply wrote a front-end web page for subscription conversion according to my own needs.

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subweb is a front-end web based on the subconverter subscription conversion back-end program, which allows users to directly enter a subscription link on the web and generate a conversion link directly. It eliminates the need for manual splicing, urlencode and other complicated operations. It supports multi-subscription merge function.




docker local version

Suitable for native deployment use

 docker run -d --name subweb --restart always -p 18080:80 stilleshan/subweb


docker online version (custom backend API)

Suitable for server deployment, used with domain name reverse generation

To modify the custom subconverter API address, you need to compile and build the image yourself.

 git clone cd subweb # 修改.env.productionn 中VUE_APP_BASE_API_URL 为你subconverter 后端API 地址. docker build -t subweb . # 构建镜像docker run -d --name subweb --restart always -p 18080:80 subweb # 启动容器


If you encounter bugs in use, you can submit an issue directly on GitHub, and you are also welcome to contribute code from various front-end leaders.

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