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Four years after Tianlin, when I enter “electronic game” in HowNet, what will appear?

As a pre-elimination researcher who has participated in four defenses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and won double-digit number of negative votes, the undrafted player in the game industry, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the Youyan Institute, decided to present my two weaknesses as a joke. And to celebrate the birthday – open video games in the way of HowNet. After obtaining the CNKI search results of “electronic games”, this study conducted a literature analysis with the help of visualization tools. The following are the results and discussions.

The first related academic article appeared in 1982, titled “Strategies for Video Games,” by Professor Jon Bean, and was included in “The Impact of Science on Society.” The article describes the current situation of the rise of video games, which is attributed to the strong sense of immersion, the free narrative structure in the game, the convenience and exquisite display of equipment, and the information explosion and exchange brought by the Internet. Looking forward to the future of video games, the author describes it this way: “Video games are not only a new gadget with very different principles, but also a new attitude that may make oneself more discernible and more in control of one’s own destiny. “The results show that with the advent of video games in 1953, the initial research content focused on the game itself, and then the number of publications increased rapidly, reaching a climax in 2019 – which is not difficult to understand, this year I have not entered a busy year. The postgraduate life, undergraduate study also came to an end, ushered in a leisure time.

In 1982, Atari bought the game adaptation rights of “ET” at a price of 21 million US dollars, and it was launched after five weeks of development, and Atari went offline soon after.

In the same year, in the game “Donkey Kong JR”, jumpman was nervously watching King Kong jump up, and later he had another familiar name – Mario.

The latest related academic article was published on May 25 this year, a good day, titled “The Influence of Video Games on Intimacy: The Role of Behavioral Perception, Behavioral Cognition, and Individual Attachment Style”, author Ding Meng, included in “Dong Yue Lun Cong”. Based on attribution theory and attachment theory, the study constructed a model of the impact of game use behavior on the quality of partner intimacy. The article points out that game focus has a significant positive effect on the quality of intimate relationships. As research progresses, the impact of video games on social relationships, education, the arts, etc. begins to receive more academic attention. This is also due to the blowout of high-quality games, so that the huge influence of games has infiltrated our lives – and today’s hottest concept, the metaverse, its realization will almost turn our lives upside down.

In May 2022, Bandai Namco released its 2021-22 fiscal year report, and the global sales of “Ayrdon Circle” exceeded 13.4 million sets.

During the same period, the domestic independent game “Time in Sandstone Town” was launched on Steam, WeGame, Epic and other platforms in the form of an early access version, and quickly topped the global best-selling list on Steam.

From the perspective of topic distribution, there are many documents such as video games, e-sports, online games, educational games, copyright, etc., among which video games occupy half of the world, and the most cited article is “Research on Copyright Issues in Video Game Live Broadcasting” (2016) , “Research on Intellectual Property Protection in Video Game Live Streaming” (2016), “The Impurity of Movies – Movies and Video Games”. The results show that the legal issues of e-streaming are highly valued by academic researchers, while the comparative exchange of games and different arts has received widespread attention (2005). So far, as a pre-elimination person who has been in the research site for a long time, I have found the reason why I unfortunately became the undrafted player in the game industry – there is no academic research on game development. Anyone who does research understands that this is an academic desert, and there is no way to imitate it. Naturally, it will not produce results.

2016 is known as “the first year of mobile live broadcast”, with more than 200 live broadcast platforms and 325 million users, accounting for 45.8% of the total netizens, and the total amount of China’s live broadcast market exceeds 25 billion yuan.

On May 25 of the same year, a public account released the first push “The classic games you played when you were a child will be miserable in the United States now.”

On January 23, 2019, “The Invisible Guardian” was released.

In terms of the distribution of disciplines, physical education, computer software and computer applications, and secondary education are the most distributed disciplines, with sports accounting for a very high proportion. In the sports discipline, the top three most cited are “Research on E-sports and E-sports Industry in the New Era” (2018), “Research on Copyright Issues Related to E-sports Game Online Broadcasting” (2016), “Let Digital Interpretation of Sports Unlimited Wonderful” (2016) – E-sports and its development in China (2004). The results show that eSports provides a large number of topics for academic research.

In October 2017, the International Olympic Committee announced at its 6th summit that it agreed to treat eSports as a “sports event”

From the author’s point of view, Wang Daiming, Shang Junjie, Wang Wei, Gao Xuemei, and Zhao Yongle have published the most articles.

“The characteristics of video game art are interactivity, openness, virtual reality, etc.” Wang Daiming

“The core educational value of games can be summarized as game motivation, game thinking and game spirit.” Shang Junjie

“Video games have a certain role in promoting young people’s knowledge acquisition and ability development, but teachers and parents have problems in the process of choosing appropriate video games and rationally using video games to educate young people.” Wang Wei

Nanjing Normal University, Southwest University, Communication University of China, Peking University, and Beijing Normal University are the institutions that publish the most papers. More research has been done in terms of the impact of video games on education and media.

In summary, based on the current research status, the following questions are raised.

Are games science?

Do games need science?

How much do you need?

Based on my excellent essay writing skills and logical thinking, after asking these questions, I would like to discuss the difference between games and other arts. What I want to say is that there is no other such magical thing, it does not exist in any evaluation method system, the quality depends entirely on the player, there are good movies that do not sell well, there are good novels that are not popular, but no A good game that is not popular – a game that is not popular with players can never be said to be a good game.

Finally, it is said that Youyanshe treats me very well. On May 25, 2022, Youyanshe published “Congratulations, Graduated” to wish me a happy graduation, and just yesterday, Youyanshe released “On Father’s Day, I remembered The Game with My Father”, I am very moved, and I would like to congratulate you with this article.

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