OPPO Developer Conference official announcement ColorOS 13 / Pantanal system debut

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On the morning of August 22, OPPO officially announced that it will hold the 2022 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC22) on August 30. At this developer conference, the new ColorOS 13, Pantanal system, etc. User meet.

The 2022 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC22) will be held on August 30

At present, there have been a lot of revelations about the ColorOS 13 system, but there is still relatively little content about the “Pantanal system”. According to the official statement, “Pantanar” is a self-developed smart cross-end system developed by OPPO, which can achieve “unbounded integration and direct service”.

The OPPO Developers Conference (ODC22) invitation is a miniature Pantanal landscape

Interestingly, the invitation to this OPPO Developer Conference is also very interesting, it is a miniature version of the Pantanal landscape. Public information shows that the Pantanal is located between the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul in South America. It is the largest wetland in the world and is known for its biodiversity. This time, OPPO named the new self-developed smart cross-end system Pantanal, which also makes us look forward to OPPO’s new breakthrough in building ecological richness.

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