OPPO Motorola conspiracy scroll screen: a new form of smartphone to subvert the past

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At present, in addition to straight-screen mobile phones in the smartphone industry, the top brands in the Android camp have also launched folding-screen mobile phones, and now scroll-screen mobile phones are in full swing.

Recently, the blogger @Digital Chat Station broke the news that both OPPO and Motorola are polishing scroll-screen mobile phones. Among them, the OPPO scroll-screen has a high degree of completion, and the release time has not yet been determined.

OPPO has previously demonstrated the OPPO scroll screen mobile phone at the 2020 OPPO Future Technology Conference, and this scroll screen is named OPPO X 2021.

Compared with the folding screen mobile phones on the market, the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen can be described as a subversive progress. This mobile phone relies on the characteristics of the flexible screen to realize the stepless push-pull change of the screen in the fuselage, so that the screen becomes larger or smaller in the true sense.

In addition, the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen fundamentally solves the inherent defect of folding screen phones – the crease problem.

It is reported that the OPPO X 2021 delicately rolls up the flexible OLED screen, and realizes the flexible folding of the screen through the pulley scroll with a diameter of 6.8mm, and at the same time brings a visual effect without crease.

Now that two years have passed, OPPO’s real mass production of commercial scroll-screen mobile phones is already on the way, and it may debut at the end of this year or the first half of next year. This will be a very disruptive smartphone product, which is worth looking forward to.

OPPO scroll screen concept mobile phone

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