Oracle Cloud How many free servers can Oracle Cloud create?

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How many free servers can Oracle create?

First of all, the free disk quota for每个甲骨文账号is 200G , and the default minimum disk space for a single server is 47G , so free users can only create up to 4 servers.
Free servers include fixed-configuration X86 servers and custom-configured ARM servers, as follows:

  • X86 – VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro fixed 1C/1G/50M带宽configuration
  • ARM – VM.Standard.A1.Flex up to 4C/24G/4G带宽configuration

VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro has a fixed configuration of 1核/1G内存, only 2 can be created at most, and Always Free is displayed after creation.
VM.Standard.A1.Flex is based on the monthly computing quota, and free users can create最高to 4核/24G内存. When customizing the configuration, the optional fixed ratio of CPU and memory is 1:6 , so you can create分别according to your own needs:

  • 1 x 4 cores 24GB RAM
  • 2 x 2 cores 12GB RAM
  • 4 x 1 core 6GB RAM

[scode type=”yellow”] Note: Always Free不会displayed after the ARM Flex server is created, but it will not be deducted as long as it is within the quota. [/scode]

Due to the above-mentioned free account disk quota limit, an account can only create up to 4 free servers regardless of whether X86 or ARM is selected. The following methods are recommended:

  1. For a single ARM 4C/24GB/200G, select a disk size of 200G before creating (性能存储带宽最大化)
  2. Single ARM 4C/24GB/100G + two X86 1C/1G (性能和数量均衡选择)
  3. Two ARM 2C/12GB + two X86 1C/1G (架构性能数量同时最大化)
  4. All four ARM 1C/6GB can keep the disk size as the default (数量性能带宽同时最大化)

After creating it, it is recommended to visit the存储- 块存储- 引导卷page and check that all disks show Always Free .
The ARM Flex server in the计算- 实例page不会display Always Free , as long as it does not exceed the 4C/24G quota.


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