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It feels like the “ordinary people’s narrative” has failed. It used to be very popular, no matter who it is, there is an ordinary person or a day-to-day side. Being persistent in this side can arouse the widest empathy and interaction among the audience. “TA is also an ordinary person, just like you.” It has tended to flood. Using it, the disaster that ordinary people cannot escape in the past two years has established an access mechanism for “ordinary people” psychological, economic, and living conditions. For uncommon people, there may only be two perspectives that have “legitimacy”: how uncommon opportunities are obtained and how they are deprived.

This misunderstanding is too big. It’s not that famous people, rich people, or great people have ordinary sides, but ordinary people also have unusual sides. It’s not that “she is also an ordinary person, just like you”, but that all people are ordinary people, and they all have the potential to be extraordinary. If this statement is seen as “chicken soup for the soul” in China, it is only because people still have not been able to decouple the extraordinary from wealth, power and fame. No matter how inexplicably moved you may be with your daughter’s musical talent, you will still see Yuja Wang as a worthy goal. This is why ordinary people narratives cannot succeed in China.

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