“Oscar Award” in China’s Fund Industry – Evaluation of 10 Active Equity Golden Bull Award Funds

# Lao Si Ji Hard Core Evaluation# $ China-Europe New Power Hybrid (LOF) A (F166009) $ $ Xinda Australia Silver New Energy Industry (F001410) $ This issue of Snowball Lao Si Ji’s essay writing activity selects 12 hotspots who have won this year’s Golden Bull Award Fund, I invite golfers to conduct an in-depth evaluation of it. I will divide it into three phases. The first phase briefly evaluates 10 active equity funds, and the second phase briefly evaluates the Wells Fargo CSI 1000 Index Enhancement Fund (161039), the third phase. Simple evaluation of Celestica Wynn Bond B (420102).


This article is the first issue, a simple evaluation of 10 active equity funds. The fund managers are Sun Wei of Minsheng Jiayin Fund, Wang Jian of China Europe Fund, Luan Chao of Xinhua Fund, Chen Yifeng of Essence Fund, Luo Shifeng of Nord Fund, and Du of ICBC Credit Suisse Fund. Yang, Dacheng Fund Han Chuang, Huaan Fund Wang Bin, Huashang Fund Zhou Haidong, Cinda Australia-Asia Fund Feng Mingyuan.


10 funds involve 11 fund managers. First, let’s take a look at some of their profiles , including the size of the funds under management, the years of fund managers, the number of fund companies (whether you have skipped the slot), the geometric average annualized rate of return, and the earliest fund manager. date, etc.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

In terms of the scale under management , Feng Mingyuan has more than 40 billion in management, Han Chuang is close to 30 billion, Du Yang and Wang Bin are over 20 billion, Wang Jian, Zhou Haidong, Sun Wei, Chen Yifeng are over 10 billion, Luo Shifeng and Luan Chao are not enough Ten billion.

From the perspective of the fund manager’s years , Wang Jian has more than 11 years. He started to manage funds in October 2009, and is the earliest fund manager on the list to serve as a fund manager. Other veteran drivers with more than 7 years include Du Yang, Zhou Haidong, Sun Wei, Chen Yifeng and Luo Shifeng. Han Chuang and Wang Bin are less than 4 years old.

The information on the return of fund managers and the number of funds in the ten funds is shown below in order of the proportion of institutions in the latest issue from high to low. It can be seen from the table that the funds of Zhou Haidong, Wang Jian and Wang Bin currently account for a relatively high proportion of institutional investors. Fund institutional investors of Chen Yifeng and Sun Wei account for a relatively small proportion.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

From the perspective of annualized returns , it is necessary to consider the length of time in office. Wang Bin and Han Chuang achieved 44.72% and 51.30% respectively. Although the time is not too long, this interim performance is quite impressive. Chen Yifeng, Sun Wei, Luo Shifeng, and Du Yang have been in office for a long time, and the gold content of the annualized return will be higher.

From the perspective of the style ratio of funds, these 10 funds are all large-cap funds . The difference is that Du Yang is more value-oriented, while Luo Shifeng and Sun Wei are more growth-oriented. Wang Jian, Wang Bin, Feng Mingyuan, and Han Chuang are relatively balanced with styles accounting for less than 40% of Max.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

According to the total number of funds held by heavy stocks, the order is as follows . Chen Yifeng and Luan Chao can be regarded as “group” fund managers, while Zhou Haidong at the end of the list is relatively “ungroup”.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

According to the order of the shares held by managers and employees in the latest phase from high to low , it can be seen that the three fund managers Feng Mingyuan, Du Yang and Chen Yifeng are held by employees with more than 2 million shares. Those who value the indicator of employee shareholding can look at the top fund managers on the list.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

From the point of view of whether it is an Internet celebrity fund, Feng Mingyuan’s Xinao New Energy Industry Stock (001410) must be counted as one. The number of fund holders is as high as 1,234,084, and the number of holders of the 10 funds on the list is not less than 10,000. No one is an unpopular fund.

Judging from the change in the proportion of institutions, the proportion of Wang Jian’s institutions has increased in the latest period, while the proportion of most fund institutions has declined. The proportion of Zhou Haidong’s institutions has dropped from 64.24% to 52.84%, a decrease of 11.40%.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

Judging from the changes in the shares held by managers’ employees in the first half of the year, Chen Yifeng and Zhou Haidong were bought more by employees in the first half of this year. Chen Yifeng’s fund manager employees’ shares increased by 695,500 shares. Employee shares increased by 452,500 shares, while Wang Bin was sold 165,600 shares by Huaan Fund employees.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

In terms of changes in the number of holders, 5 increased and 5 decreased. Wang Bin’s latest issue has increased by 221,070 households compared with the previous issue. Because of the good performance, everyone has poured in, while the number of Han Chuang’s holders has dropped by 98,746 households. I don’t know if it is because of concerns about the large scale.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

The 10 funds have been counted according to the ratio of the Shenwan industry to the stock market value . This table took a lot of time. From the table, it can be seen that the power equipment industry is currently the largest industry, the second is non-ferrous metals, the third is automobiles, and the fourth is It is food and beverages, and the fifth is computers… Specifically, which fund manager is overweight in which industry, you can study the table yourself. For example, Luan Chao currently has the highest “electricity content”. Currently, the power equipment industry accounts for 37.98% of the stock market value. Du Yang And Hanchuang is basically “without electricity”.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

It has to be said that Feng Mingyuan’s holdings are indeed relatively scattered, with 30 held in 31 industries, only beauty care not . Currently, the focus is on power equipment (22.02%), automobiles (19.75%), non-ferrous metals (16.13%), electronics ( 16.09%).

Han Chuang was the latest to take office in these 10 funds. He took office on January 10, 2019. Based on this time point as the starting point, we will show you the risk-return data.


Data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, data as of September 7, 2022

In the past three years (January 10, 2019 to present), Han Chuang and Wang Bin have tripled in three years, and Du Yang has nearly tripled. From the perspective of Sharpe ratio and Karma ratio, Du Yang, Wang Bin, and Han Chuang are relatively good.

Judging from the fund manager’s holding of his own fund shares , Wang Jian held over 1 million shares of his own fund in the current period; Chen Yifeng held 100,000-500,000 shares in the previous period, and 500,000-1 million shares in the current period. There are actions to increase positions; Luo Shifeng does not hold funds under his management; Du Yang holds 500,000-1 million shares of his own funds; Han Chuang only holds 0-100,000 shares of his own funds; Wang Bin does not hold There are funds under his management; Luan Chao does not hold funds under his management; Feng Mingyuan holds more than 1 million shares of his own funds; There are 10,000 copies, and there are actions to increase positions; Sun Wei held 500,000 to 1 million copies through the private equity asset management plan in the last issue, because the semi-annual report of the private equity asset management plan cannot be seen, and I don’t know whether the current position has changed. From the perspective of fund managers’ self-purchasing, the data of Wang Jian and Feng Mingyuan are relatively good.

The fund that can win the Golden Bull Award must have relatively bright data. The award is an affirmation for the fund manager, and it can also help us narrow the range of choices. The 10 funds in this article are all large-cap funds, so the scale can be appropriately relaxed. I personally tend to look for institutions with a proportion of more than 20%. The fund manager has a moderate total management scale, and managers and employees hold more. Fund managers themselves also have self-purchased funds.

It is still a bit tiring to write the evaluation of multiple funds at the same time. There are many directions to discuss, and each form takes time. If you think it is helpful for you to choose a fund or get to know the fund manager, please give it a thumbs up.

One thing to declare, my articles are basically my notes. I don’t recommend funds to readers. I only show some fund data objectively. If you buy funds because of my articles, the decision is yours, and you make money. Don’t blame me if you lose money. Of course, from the bottom of my heart I want you to make money.

The amount of information is in the text. This article is only for personal investment thinking and staged sorting, and does not constitute investment advice.

Disclaimer: Yield data are for reference only, past performance and trend style are not indicative of future performance and do not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk. There are risks in the market, there are risks in fixed investment, and investment needs to be cautious @todaytopic @eggrollfund #looking for you who love funds# #雪球星plan public offering talents# @雪ball creator center

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