Others say I am a hero – remember an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine

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When I was in the fourth and fifth grades of elementary school, an idea popped into my mind: if strong magnets were arranged in a circle like a fan, fixed on a rotating shaft, and another magnet approached these magnets in the same polar direction and at a certain angle, Wouldn’t these magnets be magnetically driven and keep spinning? Isn’t the perpetual motion machine coming? (I didn’t know the concept of perpetual motion machines at the time) Then we would have infinite power! I could even patent this thing!

I thought about this idea for a long time, and then told my dad. My dad was a lathe at the time, he didn’t explain things like energy conservation to me, and after listening to my idea for a while, he used a lathe to lathe a shaft with a strong magnet that was similar to the model I expected. Then on a weekend that seemed to be scorching hot, we went to Chongqing Yuzhou Trading City (a market specializing in mechanical and electrical related things) to buy a strong magnet.

When I got home, I excitedly tied the magnets one by one, then took another magnet close to them… The miracle didn’t happen, it did turn a bit at first, but soon stopped where the two magnets were directly. According to my current knowledge, it is staying at the position where the total potential energy is the smallest.

That was the first time I felt the most shocking “nature” of nature. It is so tight and integrated, the strength and direction of every electric field or magnetic field, the curve of the magnetic field line or electric field line, how perfect it is, You can’t steal an ounce of energy from it. What kind of mechanism can create such a tight fitting system? Or, on the other hand, who created this system? Little I have no answer, and I feel that this question is a bit scary.

We can’t make a perpetual motion machine, and we can’t make a real Joule thief.

It may seem to people now that those obsessed with perpetual motion machines in history seem silly and ridiculous, but. Without their stubbornness to “go against science”. The development of physics may be two beats slower than it actually is. At the very least, to reward the discovery of the law of conservation of energy, in addition to building a monument to the well-known scientists who have made outstanding contributions, it is also necessary to build a monument to an unsung hero. The most suitable inscription on it is: To commemorate the realization of perpetual motion People who struggle and fail.

——Quoted from the PEP version of high school physics textbooks and the Internet (the source cannot be traced).

So, I am proud that I am also a glorious unsung hero. We are the people who have built perpetual motion machines, how amazing!

In addition, the English “free energy” of perpetual motion machine has an interesting translation: “free energy/energy”, which is a word created by the machine, but everyone finds it fun and translates it according to the machine: “Bilibili UP Master” Rhodes” likes to turn it like this.

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