Out of Siping

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When I first arrived at Siping,
It was raining lightly.
During the two days before I will move to Qitou,
It began to rain again,
From sudden showers, to dense moderate rain, to fine drizzle,
The air turns from stuffy to cool.
The wind blows, like a lover’s gentle touch.

In this drizzle,
I sit outside the studio,
Wait for the car to come.
I want to say goodbye to my friends,
But feel hypocritical.
Just go to another village….

I look up at the rain porch,
look at the drizzle,
Watching the water gurgling down the rocks,
As if seeing that day in March,
I came down the steps with my suitcase,
The air is filled with fine rain and mist,
And in the depths of the misty rain and mist,
The peach blossoms are in full bloom.

It’s been three months, and I’m saying goodbye to Siping!

——— 2023.6.7 in Siping Studio

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