Palette – iOS color conversion app developed on the iPad and released on the App Store

Palette – Color Conversion is an iOS color matching and color conversion application developed entirely on iPad and available on the App Store. @Appinn

Palette - 全程在 iPad 上开发并上架 App Store 的 iOS 颜色转换应用 1

A message from fellow indie developer @TualatriX :

An iOS color matching app developed by a friend ( @cloxnu ) is now on the App Store. What is the biggest feature of this app? He developed the entire process on the iPad! It’s also the first case I know of doing an app on an iPad.

This is a very simple application. By specifying the color, you can get different color codes and color matching, and you can customize each color card.


Although the application is very simple, the whole process is developed through the iPad, which makes Green Frog very curious. So I went to the developer’s blog: Palette 1.0 is on the App Store .

Here are some of them:

It’s a very casual app, but it’s also an app that can be made and maintained with an iPad.

When I was first surprised to find that the iPad could use Playground to write an app and put it on the App Store, so many ideas popped into my mind, and I immediately tried it.

I had no experience with SwiftUI at that time, but when I tried to write some code on the iPad, with the help of the code snippet in the Playground, I found that SwiftUI has now developed to be so convenient and efficient to build an app.

During the development process on the iPad, it still gave me the following inconvenient factors:

  • Difficult to debug. Only a very simple project is allowed. Once it becomes complicated and encounters a bug that is not easy to solve, you have to debug it on the mac
  • Search is not powerful enough
  • The performance is not enough, it cannot be compiled when encountering more complex statements, and sometimes the entire Playground will be stuck (may be a bug) (even the M1 iPad has insufficient performance, and the M1 on the mac should be shrunk)
  • Can’t do localization
  • and many more…

There are still many areas for improvement in developing apps on the iPad, but this idea is indeed a pretty good idea. Just imagine if the future iPad can allow each of us to easily make a game and put it on the shelves, and everyone can use their own imagination. Play to the extreme without worrying about the difficulty of implementation, Apple officially provides a set of copyright-free character models, similar to the current SF Symbol. The next era is the era of creators for everyone.

The Era of “Mass Production Developers” Has Come😂

Swift Playgrounds for iPad is the tool that can develop iOS applications and put them on the App Store, download and install here .

Playgrounds provides a series of tutorials, no-code basics are also available.

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