Parents’ office, children’s paradise

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Why a parent’s office is often a child’s paradise

After Shanghai was unblocked, I rented a workplace less than five kilometers from my home, and since then I have my own office. Unexpectedly, this has become a son’s paradise. As soon as he heard that I was taking him to the office, he was full of joy, picked up his Xiaomi schoolbag, ran downstairs with joy, and waited in front of the battery car early. The temperature at noon this summer is 45 degrees, and he doesn’t care, sitting in the back seat of the battery car, just like a rich kid in a Maserati.

When he got to the office, he sat on my seat, reading, practicing calligraphy, doing homework, taking online classes, and of course playing on the computer. His favorite program is a block-based programming program: Programming Cats. He made a lot of games and animations with this MIT Scratch imitation, and even joined a studio, and his work was once ranked in the most prominent display position.

When he was hungry, the father and son went to the supermarket next door to buy a lunch box. He liked to eat a cheese pasta. After he bought the lunch, he put it in the microwave oven shared by the office. He is skilled in all of this, just like a senior office worker.

At times, I felt he was getting in the way of my work, most notably when I was off work.

According to my habit, if an important thing is not finished, I will not interrupt it, because it will take a long time to immerse myself in the work next time. I hope to use this focus to complete it in one go. If I work alone, I just need to send a message to my wife saying that I will work overtime at night and not come home for dinner. But the son is here, no matter whether the work is finished or not, he must accompany him home. I finally found a reason why some of my work could not be done smoothly.

So, sometimes I say, don’t go to my office. He was very surprised when he heard it, as if he heard an incredible thing, such as the dinosaurs are not extinct. In his opinion, going to his father’s office is a son’s right and only right, and no one can deprive him, not to mention his own father.

I don’t remember when I was a kid, the happiest thing was going to my dad’s office.

When I was careful, my father was a teacher in a rural elementary school when I was studying. Every night I went to his office and drew red plums with the red dip pen he used to mark homework.

Later, my father went to the town (then called the commune) as a teacher, and the happiest thing every week was to go to his office to find him. Walking three miles, in his office, I saw his colleagues, not buying aunties and uncles shouting, I like to eat the meal he called from the cafeteria, two steamed buns, one dish, and sometimes steamed buns . Of course, what I didn’t know was that every time I went there, my father would spend several days of meal tickets, and for the remaining days, he could only buy steamed buns, just brown sugar.

I also met children from other teachers’ families in my father’s office. I remember one teacher Niu’s daughter showed me her colorful pictorial, which contained the mystery of the Sphinx.

Why do kids love going to their parents’ offices? I guess there is a deeper mystery here. The space for children to contact is limited. Beating spends every day at two points and one line, and occasionally goes to the homes of classmates, relatives and friends, and feels deeply restrained. When you get to your parents’ office, however, you enter a safe and relatively free environment. The parents’ colleagues, even the “peers” who can’t be reached by the eight-pole who rent a work station together in my office, often treat them with tolerance, which makes the child have a special experience. Plus, every child secretly idolizes their parents and would love to enter the world in which they work. This is probably the main reason why children like to go to their parents’ offices.

But there are also children who are reluctant to go to their parents’ workplace, or they like to go there when they are young, but suddenly they don’t like going there. These are not set. But my own childhood experiences have taught me to try not to refuse your child’s request to go to the office with you. They’ll be nice, obedient, and generally won’t cause you trouble because they feel free to grow up in their parents’ office.

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