PasteNow 2.4 Released: Quickly Paste Recent Items as Plain Text

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Following the July release of “PasteNow 2.3: Support for Pasting Multiple Items in Word and Pages “, PasteNow 2.4 brings a very useful feature, “Paste the most recent item as plain text”.

New: Paste the last item as plain text

Among the usage scenarios of PasteNow, copying and pasting text is one of the most common scenarios, and part of the requirement is to paste the rich text in the form of plain text, or in other words: to remove the formatting of the text.

PasteNow has always had an on-demand deformatting feature, it can paste as plain text or in raw format (rich text). However, this process will require evoking the PasteNow interface and pressing the built-in shortcut keys to achieve this goal. If you need to process more text multiple times, it will be relatively slow to process.

So in version 2.4, for this scenario, PasteNow introduced a new shortcut key, “Paste the most recent item as plain text”. By setting the shortcut keys you are used to, you can quickly unformat and paste text in any app in a unified form, and you don’t even need to call out the PasteNow interface in this process!

For example, if you want to paste the rich text of a webpage into Word as plain text, first set “Option+Command+V” as the shortcut key, then just do this:

  • Press Command + C in Safari to copy a piece of webpage text;
  • Come to Word, press Option+Command+V directly, then this webpage text will be pasted into Word as plain text.

Please watch the video demo:

I believe that by adding this shortcut key, PasteNow can quickly and well complete the needs of the plain text pasting scene.

Additional updates for the macOS version and the iOS version

As with previous versions, each version will also bring improvements and fixes to old features. Other updates include:

  • Adjust the volume of the sound effect to match the current volume of the system;
  • Fix the problem that the title being edited cannot be copied;
  • Fixed an issue where images in JPEG format saved by other apps could not be displayed;
  • Fixed the problem that the list name was not synchronized to the iOS side after the macOS side modified the list name;
  • Fixed an issue where the title and shortcut logo could not be displayed under some clipboard text on a white background in dark mode.

The most important change in the iOS version is to improve the adaptation to iOS 16:

  • Fixed the issue that the bottom toolbar would be disorganized in the iOS 16 Beta version;
  • Fixed an issue where the corresponding item could not be found by searching for the title.


At present, PasteNow still has a lot of requirements and functions to be implemented, and I will continue to maintain the rhythm and improve it continuously.

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