Payment issues for individual developers

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As an individual developer without a company, how to sell software has always been a headache. Here I summarize the charging methods I have used.

  1. Third-party payment platforms: Alipay, WeChat, PayPal.
  2. Fourth-party payment platforms: Bread, FastSpring.

The first is the third-party payment platform. At present, the APIs of Alipay and WeChat are only open to enterprises, and there is no way to automatically check whether the order is completed. Therefore, users can only transfer funds and manually verify after sending screenshots. PayPal is relatively free and provides APIs, which can be easily connected to the backend system.

Then there are fourth-party payment platforms. These platforms often provide richer e-commerce functions. You can build an online store to display product information and sales, or you can integrate it into your own website and provide a background management system to facilitate order management. , subscription services, and more. As a fourth-party payment platform, it can often integrate various payment methods, such as credit cards, Alipay and PayPal, but it will require a certain handling fee.

Domestic collections are relatively simple, while cross-border collections are much more complicated. At this time, using a fourth-party platform will save you some worry. The foreign exchange settlement and purchase of foreign currency often requires a lot of handling fees. I use FastSpring’s Hyperwallet to receive FastSpring’s payment, and then use moneygram to collect foreign exchange. The handling fee is 1 USD, and the account can be credited immediately.

Cross-border collections are also more risky, and I’ve encountered some of the following issues:

  1. Chargeback. The user pays by credit card and can then apply to the bank for chargeback. Not only will the seller not get the money, but they will also pay a fee of about $10.
  2. Malicious refunds. There will be a certain handling fee for each refund. If there are a large number of refund orders, there will be a large loss.

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