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read and play

Let’s talk about playing, I spend an average of half an hour playing Gran Turismo Sport every day. The track experience is 100% gold. The focus is on the Nürburgring Nordschleife or the Green Hell. After about a week, I finally drove a single lap to 6:53.778, I got the gold medal. In order to play this game, my right thumb is calloused. One tip is to save the replay, and then manually load the replay at the beginning of the game, so that I can easily refer to the previous best results, and I have a good idea. In addition, this month I spent a little time playing the free game Arcanium: Rise of Akhan from Netflix, which is better than I expected. Although it feels like it was made by a small workshop, it feels that the degree of completion is OK, and the value is also passable. A little experience is reckless No wonder, one can recover blood, and two can get a little more rewards. Because you will definitely lose if you play bosses with ordinary cards.

The library borrowed this history and never went far: Wang Liqun didn’t think it was very good when he read the history notes . On the one hand, I read a lot of the history of the pre-Qin and Han dynasties in high school (historical records were placed on the desk as a reference book or something), on the other hand, I also His high points are not particularly brilliant in my opinion. Another book I read this month that I think is in the name of the people , Zhou Meisen’s book is not as good as his The Right Way of Humanity and Made in China that I read before. By the way I can’t remember the contents of these two books, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read them, so it’s irrational for me to read Zhou Mason. I also read a card note writing method this month, still I think it’s average. In my opinion, it makes sense to memorize more by reading and taking notes. To promote a method of taking notes and reviewing regularly as such a panacea/silver bullet is a bit exaggerated. I read more books that I thought were not good, and said that I read one book that exceeded my expectations. Liushen Leilei read Jin Yong . I thought it was a collection of public accounts to read. Later, I found that the author still read something, although there is no subtlety. It’s good to be sincere and sincere, and it’s good to make people smile at ease for a moment. In addition, those things in the Ming Dynasty that were used to kill time, now Zhang Juzheng has just come to power and started to reform.

The books I have read this month are more than that. I have read three books on oreilly, one is Svelte 3 Up and Running . After reading it, I have a little understanding of the new wheel of the front-end circle, but I saw the author put Sapper Abandoning SvelteKit directly makes me feel that the front-end is bottomless. This kind of disrespect for the existing API can still be regarded as the light of the times by the majority of js people, and I have nothing to do. I ended up with a bunch of nvim. After the configuration, I went back and found a Lua quick start guide . After reading js, I really feel refreshed and refreshed. The last one is about Why rust of rust. Let’s review it again after Language to deepen our understanding.

I went back and tossed a few ProjectEuler questions. The last time I really solved the problem seriously was when I was at NetEase nearly ten years ago. It has been a long time since I picked up a pen and paper to calculate analytic geometry, and it was really painful and happy.

toss nvim

nvim 0.7.0 has just been released, there are no special new features, but I took advantage of the Easter holiday to toss the configuration file to improve its startup speed. There are also ordinary tidy up and so on.

First of all, let’s talk about improving the speed. First, I found dstein64/vim-startuptime and measured that it takes over 200ms to open a simple python script on my computer. It is the loading of the package-options.lua file. This pushes me to change most of the plugins to lazy loading, that is, they will only be loaded when some events are triggered after opening nvim. This part is more painful, and while changing, test the speed and then test the usability. It will be better to grasp some rules later:

  • Think ahead of time which plugins will be loaded by event and which plugins will be loaded by command
  • To clarify dependencies between plugins
  • If you don’t want to toss these two things, cmp and lsp, just preload them directly. I see many people have instances that can dynamically load these two plug-ins, but they need to be tossed, and after a tossing, you will forget these things and then just It’s basically a waste of time.

After finishing this, I also canceled loading some nvim plug-ins, such as allowing nvim to support opening gz files and zip files. I know there is such a function, but I think this kind of low-frequency partial door needs, it is worth not loading this plug-in.

Here are a few more plugins that were discovered during this tossing process:

  • lewis6991/impatient.nvim is basically a no-brainer plugin to speed up nvim.
  • Not to mention the nvim plug-in, that is, configure it in lsp: ltex , the poor man’s version of grammarly, is very useful for writing English documents. In other words, I bought the advanced version of grammarly, and grammarly also has an unofficial version of the nvim plug-in, but for all this The text will be sent to Grammarly once, I don’t dare to add it to nvim.

To be honest, I really like the atmosphere of the nvim community, and it is very active on reddit/github. I always wanted to write something to give back to the community, but I really don’t have any good ideas, sigh.

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