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One day, when I had a rhinitis, I rewatched 007: Casino Royale while I was resting at home. I didn’t feel anything special. It was a mix of The Bourne and the traditional 007. The film critics said it was one-sided, but I just didn’t think it was that good.

Killing Time on the mobile phone after reading the words to understand Japan: food, clothing, housing and travel , as a reading to kill time, this book is qualified, as a more formal reading, but I always feel that it is not enough.

I didn’t read too many books in the library, only three books. First, Shan Jixiang’s Grand Canal floated to the Forbidden City , the first chapter about the construction of the Forbidden City is still a little impressive, and the back is constantly holding the shelf and saying that he did it in the past. A little bit of work reminds me of another Diary of a Shenzhen Mayor I read this year. I think the curator, as a scholar, should write articles in an academic or literary way. Next is this book The dark logic of the best of the month is not to say how good this book is (and the Douban score can be seen to some extent), but to set off other books I have read this month. This book says that middle school history does not involve too much During the Republic of China/Beijing era, as a transition period between the Qing Dynasty and the Kuomintang regime, it largely defined the later more modern China. For example, after the Long March, the Communist regime planted opium and opium in the border areas for profit, look directly at this The historical facts are very surprising, and I feel that this regime can be placed in the Golden Triangle. After reading the opium trade and cultivation mentioned a lot in this book, I feel that although the behavior at that time was still incorrect, it was in the context of that time. It’s not that angry anymore. In addition, although the book is arranged in various ways, many details and stories can still let people know the other side of the historical facts. For example, when Lu Xun serialized the true story of Ah Q, he wrote the protagonist if he didn’t want to continue writing it. Dead. Immediately reminded me of the story of Ni Kuang helping Jin Yong to write Tianlong Babu. The last one was the Qing Dynasty, which was read in a day or two. It was not worth reading, not worth mentioning, that’s all.

I also re-read the Qing Yu Nian this month. It is not a story that is particularly worth re-reading, but I always feel that this book is in danger of being banned, so I can review it while I still remember it. Why was this book banned? The dictatorial and authoritarian imperial power is represented by an anonymous villain who can only be called Emperor Qing, and even the surrender of Dongyi City is a replica of the return of Hong Kong. Of course, maybe the author did not think so much when he wrote it, but After we have been trained by the Central Propaganda Department’s sensitive word list for a long time, the content that did not have any innuendo will make us think it is a false statement about the country.

In terms of games, I have less time this month, and I played the Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River. As a card game, this one is indeed more conscientious, and there is nothing particularly disgusting, so I don’t buy any content that I can’t enjoy. But after playing for more than ten hours, I still feel that The lack of content was deleted. In addition, I bought a Dongsen cassette, and the family of three worked hard to pick up shells on an island to pay off the loan.

Finally, a few albums were added to Apple Music:

AWS Getting Started Practice Questions

At the request of the family, I compiled a set of practice questions for getting started with AWS, which is purely practical and has no theory.

  1. Create an S3 bucket in AWS web console
  2. Upload a file to the bucket
  3. Download the file you just uploaded in your terminal
  4. Set up your bucket so that not everyone can download files in the bucket
  5. Create another bucket in terminal and upload a file
  6. Delete uploaded file in terminal
  1. Check the default vpc in AWS web console. Understand the concepts of subnet, route, nacl, security group.
  2. See the default security group in the default vpc for its ingress and egress rules.
  3. Create a security group to allow port 80 ingress and port 443 egress.
  1. Create a deploy key in a personal ruby ​​project on Github
  1. Create a new EC2 instance in the AWS web console, note the use of the security group created in VPC.3, and save the keypair.
  2. How to SSH into this new instance?
  3. Make sure the following software is installed: git openssh-client ruby sqlite .
  4. Stop this instance, and create a new AMI from the shut down instance.
  5. terminate this instance.
  6. Start a new EC2 instance from the AMI created in 4, and use the deploy key configured in Github to get the project code.
  7. By setting user data, the latest code can be automatically obtained when the machine starts.

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