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My mountain bike is parked in my room. This is the flagship car that I bought at the Giant store closest to the school after I was just enrolled in the university. After experiencing the wind and the sun, bumping and bumping, the white paint surface has yellowed and cracked. But in reality, the total range of this car did not exceed 200 km. Back then, it took me to and from the two campuses, around the West Lake, and the farthest one was just a ride from Yuquan to Xiaoshan. Once, when I was still in middle school, I often dreamed of cycling. Wish I had a professional mountain bike to ride from city to city and enjoy everything on the road. Once, I browsed the cycling travel notes written by many bloggers on the Internet, especially the Sichuan-Tibet line. There was no such perfect road in those days, but I collected the diaries of many people. I hope that one day, I can also use it… However, from middle school, to college, and now to work, after such a long time, I still have no action.

I recently followed a travel up master at station b, Xu Yun. He chose an unconventional life path – wandering. One person, one bicycle, traveled all over China. I started following him when he rode Ali. Crossing the barren grasslands or the Gobi, they often set up tents in sheepfolds or culverts to sleep at night. Although the daily itinerary is very difficult and boring, he has experienced the magnificent natural scenery of the frontier that cannot be imagined in the city. In my opinion, this is the real free life.

In the past, I often had some daydreams, planning how much money I would save after work, which brand of camera to buy, and where to play. But the reality is like a faded painting. The colorful pigments have already been oxidized and volatilized, leaving only faint traces with extremely low saturation. Busy work takes up most of the day without even getting a chance to fill in the faded parts with new paint. Recently, a project design that has been busy for half a year has finally reached the manufacturing stage, performing performance analysis, writing relevant reports, and conducting project reviews… The two-week weekend is creating residual value for the company, including this month’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday. I went back to my cabin after get off work in the evening, and thought that since the beginning of this year, I hadn’t walked out of the dormitory to a place more than 3 kilometers around the company, which made me sigh.

On that trip to Japan in the summer of 2018, when the car pulled into Hamamatsu, it was a working day. Although there are many private houses on both sides of the road, the streets are quite quiet – the residents are all going to work. The largest local company is Hamamatsu Photonics Co., Ltd., which is also the place we visited at the time. Walking into the company is also very quiet. The employees are all wearing gray work clothes and working at their posts. People in the corridor or in the cafeteria are also very orderly. It seems that all people are programmed machines, doing their own work. At that time, I saw a robot transporting optoelectronic equipment in the company. A route of action was marked on the rubber ground, and the robot would only follow this route to travel back and forth – so is it not the case with humans. Machines are controlled by programs, and people are controlled by life.

Sometimes I wonder, why do people work so hard? Although I get my due salary every month, I don’t have any free time to do what I want to do, and I don’t even have the opportunity to spend. I found some things I like from the Internet, but the time that can really make me happy is only the few seconds after opening the box. Then comes the boredom, and then comes the endless work, leaving the only joy behind. When will I be able to ride a mountain bike again and go around Siming Mountain? When can I go to the seaside in Haining with my friends? I have no idea. Now I am just a person caught in life.

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