PHICOMM K2P flashed into OpenWrt

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This firmware is compiled based on Lean’s firmware. Due to the mixed firmware on the market, the full version of the OpenWrt firmware is now shared. Only the A1 and A2 versions of the PHICOMM K2P router can be flashed.

Firmware download:

Tool download: RoutAckProV1B2.rar

1. Download the RoutAckProV1B2 tool, use the RoutAckProV1B2 tool to open telnet, if the prompt does not receive a response, restore the router to the factory and try again, as shown below:

PHICOMM K2P flashes OpenWrt third-party firmware

2. Then make the router connected to the Internet, start -> run -> cmd, execute the command in the box, just copy and paste it directly, and press Enter after each line, the command is as follows:

 telnet wget -O - |sh

3. After execution, the router will automatically download the official firmware and flash it automatically. After five minutes, it will automatically restart. After completion, it will flash the breed, and then flash the OpenWrt or other third-party firmware firmware, as shown below:

PHICOMM K2P flashes OpenWrt third-party firmware

PHICOMM K2P partition selection, do not choose the public version

Default login IP:, password: password

Enter the breed method, change the local connection IP to automatic acquisition, the router is powered off, press reset and don’t let go, then power on for 10 seconds and then let go, open the browser and access to enter the immortal third-party firmware.

Built-in plug-in Internet time control, Ad Blocker Plus+, Turbo ACC network acceleration, Sour Cream Plus+

IP/MAC binding, ipv6helper, dynamic DNS, MTK Wifi driver, upnp

Scheduled restart, file transfer, firewall, Wake-on-LAN, KMS, WiFi schedule

Bandwidth monitoring, freeing up memory

TTYD web terminal

PHICOMM K2P-A1/A2 router OpenWrt firmware sharing

Although the firmware runs smoothly and occupies a small space, the firmware may not be updated in the future. Please do not use it for commercial use. It is necessary to consider whether to use the firmware to flash the machine as appropriate! ! !

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