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1. You may feel a little clueless: Are you in Versailles?

2, but everyone knows

3. The description in this article is not fictitious, and if there is any similarity, it is not a coincidence.


I am considered a KOL in the Internet circle, and I know some of the high and low people in factories big and small.

Since it is a KOL, naturally they are polite to each other. In particular, although I look like a fickle person on the outside, in fact, people who have dealt with me (including students) will know that I am a particularly easy-going person.

As a KOL in the Internet circle, some things are somewhat convenient.


I often encounter Internet products that are in use, encounter bugs, or have a bad experience.

Sometimes, I will directly find a small partner in the factory, and let them help me find someone with a specific product line to help me solve it.

But there is a premise here, that is, I generally know who is useful to find—that is to say, I generally know which line or which large business group this product belongs to in that factory.

If I don’t know where the product belongs, I don’t know if I can target the right person. So my method is:

The circle of friends shouted.

This kind of operation, I really count years. As far as I simply recall, including but not limited to:

——The font size of a certain content client is suddenly too small to be seen

——My storage in a cloud disk space suddenly disappeared

——A cloud document suddenly does not allow me to log in

——The raw wontons delivered by a takeaway express are obviously not fresh

——A very strange security policy of a certain mailbox (I really want to write about this, it is like a portrayal of this era)

and many more


After a long discussion and shouting in the ticket circle, there will indeed be a small partner from the factory who will contact me: Mr. Wei, I will help you find a classmate to connect with you, let’s see what to do? Or, Mr. Wei, it’s up to me.

Get the right people and bugs will be fixed quickly. Or, it is indeed that I am using it improperly, but I just didn’t notice it myself.

All in all, most problems will be solved.

Even if it can’t be solved – such as that particularly strange mailbox security policy, but others are sincere, what else can I do?

Of course it is: I consciously deleted the previous propaganda.

You see, I haven’t written about that weird security policy until now.


Last week, I had another product issue.

One operation is as fierce as a tiger, and it is solved.

Talking to my parents about this, they asked: What if you don’t know anyone?

What else can I do?

Call that customer service number like crazy, maybe you will meet the so-called intelligent (zhi) can (zhang) agent, maybe you will hear that you have to queue for three hours, or maybe the other party will answer you: No, it is your problem, you are not right Do it, check it out.


Do you understand?

—— The first nitrogen-pulling episode——

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