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PhotoKit is an online photo editor that is ready to use and supports a variety of mainstream browsers on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. More powerful AI algorithm blessing. @Appinn

My computer novice, with PhotoKit, has become a P-picture master in the eyes of my colleagues, which is a magical feeling. Let me tell you what’s going on.

unlimited pictures

Making PPT is a compulsory course for every office worker, but I am not a boss, and I will be approved by the boss when I make PPT with plain text. So pictures and texts are very important.

But it is really not easy to find a good material, and there is not so much time for me to search for material.

Open the PhotoKit editor, create a new canvas, and you will see the [Material] menu in the upper left corner:

Click in, it’s a new world!

Countless high-quality materials can also be searched. (Tell you quietly, sometimes it is better to search in English!)

Then when the mouse is placed on the picture, there will be two icons, the first one is to add the picture to the canvas, and the second one is to directly edit the picture.

AI magic

Yes, we don’t always need boxy pictures that look too dull. Let’s add some magic to pictures

I promise, this operation is not complicated at all, because you only need to find the first button [AI Cutout] and click it.

Cutout is so easy! I showed it to my designer friend, but he didn’t believe it, so I bet who would cut out the picture faster. Anyway, dinner has ended today, hehehe.


I found no, from finding the material to removing the background, the process is very smooth, more than ten seconds, no background material is available. With this kind of skill, doing PPT is of course faster and better.

But let’s continue to look at the interface just after the cutout, there is a row of functions below, first select the color to see:

Set the background color, adjust the size and position of the material, and you will have a PPT background right away.

If you think the background color is too monotonous, you can also use a picture as the background:

The entire operation process is very smooth, as if you need a tool, it will be delivered to your hand.

difficult task

Sometimes the boss will say to me, “I think this picture is very good, you use this!” Then I get a picture with a big watermark on it, which is very sad!

Come on, use the [Smart Brush] to wipe it off: just paint it—

you see! It’s so simple to remove the watermark, and the effect is so amazing! (I only removed half for the comparison effect)

Mission upgrade

Let me tell you, this function is very useful for dealing with strange bosses. Last time he took his travel photos and said to me: “No, you get rid of this person next to me!”

Ah, I can’t expose the photo of the boss, so let’s find a similar demonstration:

I just brush it!

The bird on the side is gone!

ah right right

I know you have all experienced these situations. But, maybe I’ve come across even more bizarre ones. The boss threw me a picture, come on, let’s promote this:

I said, “What? Propaganda ladybugs?”

Boss: “No, promote plants.”

Everyone has learned it. I used the [Smart Brush] to wipe the ladybug, and even the veins of the leaves are clearly visible:

I was about to do business, but the boss said, “What you said makes sense, why don’t we promote ladybugs.”


First undo the operation, you can click Undo Redo, or you can go back to a certain step directly in the history:

Then use the [Focus] function:

Focus on the worm, adjust it a little, and the focus will be highlighted in an instant.

The boss nodded and said, “Yes, yes!” I thought I could stop working overtime, and the boss continued: “I remember seeing red ladybugs when I was a child. Do you think the ladybugs would stand out more if they were red?”


Don’t panic, we can do it! Select the [Palette] function:

Below is a list of several colors in this picture, we want to modify the color of the ladybug, just choose the orange yellow:

Then drag and adjust to easily skin the ladybug

Boss, why don’t we gather seven colored ladybugs to see if we can summon the dragon?

I don’t want to work overtime

Boss: “The photos of our team building last time, you can make a photo wall, make it look better and neater, and you can use it for publicity in the future.”

Team building hundreds of pictures, even if you choose carefully, you have to have dozens of pictures. If you do typesetting, I know everyone has a headache, so let’s take a look at the [collage] function:

Just click the plus sign and select all the pictures. The above five formats can be selected, and there are many details that can be set below. Never worry about my boss saying that my photo wall is always that style.

To be honest, the first time I opened this function, I was moved to tears. It can really avoid a lot of overtime!

batch processing

If there are many pictures that need to be processed in the same way, such as adjusting the size, adding text, converting the format… You can use PhotoKit’s batch processing function:

Think about it, sometimes when you are not in front of your computer, whether you are facing someone else’s computer or you only have a tablet or a mobile phone in your hand, you can quickly process pictures without having to find and install software. How convenient is that? !

Blend of water and milk

When it comes to the strange problems encountered at work, it is really impossible to finish three days and three nights. You see you smile, you also know colorful black.

Our boss just…wanted ice that looked warm.

I didn’t hesitate and made one on the spot. First load a warm-looking flame from the material:

Then find an ice cube from the material and add it to the canvas:

Select the last item [Fusion], select the mode to be automatic, and witness the miracle:

Then crop it a little and it’s OK. If you change the loading order of the two pictures, you can also make a cool looking fire.

anything else!

Found it? Some of the features in PhotoKit are surprisingly powerful. What’s more powerful is to use several functions in a coherent manner, and the effect of 1+1 is much greater than 2 can be obtained.

For example, the quality of the obtained material is poor. For example, if you search for a certain material and find that you can only find a thumbnail, you can save a lot by using [Modify Size] + [Smooth and Smooth] + [Image Quality Enhancement], and even bring it back to life.

For example, after importing a material [AI Cutout], and then set this material as the background, yes, the current effect is the same as without the cutout. At this time, use the [Blur Tool] and check the background to blur only the background part:

Don’t see anything special? The original image is this:

Tools such as [Darken], [Dodge], and [Decolorize] can also be used similarly to make pictures with darker, brighter and blacker backgrounds to highlight the subject of the picture. for example:

I never thought that these basic functions could be used in such a coherent way, and it was so easy to use! You see, I thought it was too long, and I wanted to briefly list some workflows, but I couldn’t help but start showing the effect. However, it is really simple and practical!

to photos

For photos: [Smooth and Smooth] can smooth skin and remove freckles; [Exposure Repair], [Color Balance] can make the picture look more comfortable; [Filter], [Special Effects] You can try it yourself, and filters can be applied at the same time. Filters are very interesting; poor image quality can be improved with [Image Quality Enhancement].

Of course, there are many professional tools to adjust these parameters, they are very powerful, but I don’t know how to adjust those complex parameters. In PhotoKit these functions are just one click away. For example, the above cat with a black and white background highlights the subject, which is already very good, but I couldn’t help but click [Exposure Repair] when I wrote it here, and then:

I felt it all at once. I don’t know the professional term, but I felt it was right.

There is also [Auto Correction], which is generally used for correction when the angle is not good when shooting buildings, such as:


If the document used to correct the photo is also reasonable, isn’t it? Coupled with functions such as [Free Crop] and [Decolorize], is it as easy to use as professional tools?


PhotoKit is easy to use and has many practical functions. If you study a few sets of combination punches yourself, of course, you are the P-picture expert of the unit.

Even, quietly speaking, I have started to use it to take orders to help people process pictures, hahaha!


Are you a little excited? Want to try it out. But seeing the vip in the upper right corner, are you hesitating?

Watch an ad and save it for free! (Remember to turn off the ad filtering software, otherwise you won’t be able to see the ad, and you won’t be able to save it for free)

Of course, if you think it’s easy to use and use it more frequently, it’s still worth paying for it. After all, it’s a productivity tool, and it’s not good to be found watching ads with pay while you’re working, right?


There are browser extensions, which are more convenient to use.

But again, there is good support for all major browsers on a variety of devices. Simply put, in various special circumstances, as long as the browser can be opened, the pictures can be processed, which is very convenient.

You can also integrate this image editor into your own website, so that you can easily provide such powerful editing functions to your users. (I actually don’t understand this, but it seems to be quite exciting to think that all websites can have such a useful image editing function.

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