To read and download tens of thousands of ancient books online, try these five digital tools.

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The History of the Three Kingdoms, the Palace of Martial Arts, this is the collection of medicines from the Yongle Classics, and this is Wang Xizhi’s post on the time of snow and sunshine..… Going to the library is no longer the only way to read ancient books. You can find digital versions of ancient books in at least these five places .

First, recognize classics and ancient books.


This is an ancient book digitization platform jointly launched by ByteDance Digital Humanities Open Laboratory and Peking University. After a period of internal testing, it finally launched the web page. On the home page are representative works of Confucianism, Taoism and literary classics, and more ancient books are in the “library” in the upper right corner. On the left, there are four major categories of classics and history subsets and other subcategories.

The text of each ancient book is displayed by default. You can click the information icon in the upper left corner to find the specific information of this ancient book. You can also open the original image, annotations and explanations (commentary) and switch between traditional and simplified Chinese in the upper right corner. The original image of each page Both can be read in full screen and zoomed in to view the HD version. So you can use these different modes to read ancient Chinese.


In addition, you can also search for keywords in the library or the home page dialog box to find the ancient books you want.

It is worth mentioning that at present, every ancient book is marked with the word “rough correction”, which indicates that punctuation and named entities are still automatically marked by the machine, and are for reference only. In addition, simplified Chinese characters are also automatically translated by machines. This is very byte-beating.

So comparative reading is very important.

Second, the Han Dian emphasizes light.


This is a public welfare project jointly established by Ali Dharma Academy, Sichuan University, National Library of China, Zhejiang Library and other units. It mainly collects ancient Chinese books scattered overseas. As of the release in May 2021, there are about 200,000 pages of digitized ancient books collected by Handian Zhongguang, probably hundreds of books.


You can find the digitized ancient books below, or you can find the content you need by searching the name or full text of the ancient books, view the details of each page, and zoom to view high-definition large images.

If you also have ancient books that meet the scope, you can log in and create ancient books yourself. After algorithm processing and verification review, it may appear on the platform.

Third, book case.


Shuge is a completely free and open online library of ancient books. You can find specific content in its “Resource Collection” through the divisions of classics, history, sons, collections, and series, or you can find the content you need through modern classification, social science/history/language/art classification, or find paintings , Dharma books, manuscript transcripts, stele rubbings, maps, images, and other different categories. Of course, you can also see different topics.


In each ancient book page, you can see its specific introduction and discussions, and even download high-definition PDF files directly.

From the earliest PDF site established by Douban to the current “Shuge”, this free and open library has been insisting on collecting and organizing ancient Chinese books and paintings scattered around the world. As the website puts it, “Everyone can see our civilization freely.”

Fourth, the whole history.


All History is a relatively well-known historical content platform. In addition to the character relationship map, time-space map, AB path, time-space column, historical chronology, etc., you can find what you need in the categories of all ancient books, all paintings, etc. Through specific classification and screening of East and West, you can find not only Chinese, but also ancient books of other civilizations and cultures.


Some ancient books can directly read the text version and view the photocopy version online, while some only have the text version or only part of the photocopy.

In the whole painting, you can view the paintings of different periods according to the timeline, view the specific information on the details page, and you can see high-definition large pictures of some paintings.

Fifth, watch the sea.


Guancanghai, formerly known as “Discover China”. It mainly provides ancient maps and maps of China, such as the street map of Shanghai in 1909, the old Beijing city map in 1934, and the world map in 1594… You can directly view and zoom in on the specific details of the map on the details page.


In addition to directly providing maps that can be viewed, Guancanghai also provides a map annotation function that supports self-uploading and annotation, such as ancient Chinese military geographic maps uploaded by netizens, martial arts world maps and Jin Yong maps , Guan Yu’s Northern Expedition vertical and horizontal map , and Water Margin map . , Li Bai’s travel map

In addition to these, Zhonghua Book Company’s book collection network, the National Library of China’s ancient book resource bank, major museums, and university libraries have successively carried out various digitization projects for ancient books, turning those dusty and fragile ancient books into data for preservation and sharing. .

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