Pony.ai announced the establishment of a joint venture with Sany Heavy Truck, which will start small-scale mass production and delivery this year

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Sina Technology News on July 28, Pony.ai, an autonomous driving company, and Sany Heavy Truck, a subsidiary of Sany Group, a leading domestic heavy industry company, announced that the two parties will establish a joint venture to carry out research and development, production and sales of L4 autonomous driving heavy truck products, and jointly create high-end heavy-duty trucks. Self-driving heavy truck brand.

According to Pony.ai’s disclosure to Sina Technology, the two parties will deeply integrate the technical capabilities of Pony.ai’s “virtual driver” and the technical accumulation of Sany’s heavy-duty truck on-line chassis and vehicle development to jointly define and develop vehicles for future smart logistics. The L4 high-end smart heavy-duty truck products with regulatory level and redundancy will enable future trunk logistics transportation.

The joint venture plans to start small-scale mass production and delivery in 2022, and mass production in 2024. The annual output is expected to exceed 10,000 vehicles in a few years. At present, the first autonomous driving prototype based on Sany’s new energy truck platform has started road test verification. Pony.ai’s domain controller based on the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-on-chip design will also fully empower the smart trucks produced by the joint venture.

“Sany has the industry’s leading heavy truck manufacturing technology, and is pioneering the layout of key areas such as new energy heavy trucks and intelligent connectivity, while Pony.ai has core key technologies in the field of autonomous driving, and has started the practice in the field of smart logistics. The cooperation will be the key to creating a closed loop of smart logistics ecology.” said Peng Jun, co-founder and CEO of Pony.ai. (Wen Meng)

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