power failure

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In the middle of the night, I was disturbed by a smell of shit, and I habitually did not turn on the lights when I entered the toilet. During this period of time, I suddenly liked this kind of shit atmosphere. The door was left open, and then the lights were not turned on. I silently brushed the short video with the lowest brightness in the dark, while enjoying the pleasure of intestinal release. If you happen to meet your family members who have to go to the toilet at this time, you can surprise them by surprise… This time, the shit was not very meaningful, and I didn’t think about anything of value, and often valuable thinking was lost. It was while going to the toilet, but not this time. When I walked out of the toilet, I habitually turned off the exhaust fan, and found that the fan was not turned on. I tried the switch again, but there was still no movement. I glanced at the living room and found that the night light was not on. Oh, it turned out to be a power outage. Thinking back carefully, it turns out that I was not awakened by shit, but the air conditioner stopped after the power outage […]

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