Practical stationery awards, don’t let our old mother spend a penny!

School is about to start, and stationery purchases are about to begin. Today, I recommend 10 treasure stationery for your own use. The frequency of use is very high. The baby is happy with it, and I am happier with it!

Stay away from fancy “chicken ribs” stationery, don’t spend a penny! Come and see~ Don’t miss it!

Class representatives focus on

1. All kinds of small debris on the desktop such as desktop vacuum cleaner rubber scraps can be sucked away, and it is also very convenient to disassemble and clean.

2. Erasable ball-point pen The ball-point pen comes with an eraser, and it will not produce debris if you correct the typo.

3. The 360-degree rotatable stapler is a household stapler. Buying this one is enough, and the middle seam of the book can also be ordered. It is super practical!
4. The pencil extender maximizes the use of pencils without waste.

5. The water-soluble colorful stick rotates out of the core, which is not easy to get dirty hands. It can produce a watercolor effect by smearing with water. In addition, it is easy to scrub, and children can play to their heart’s content.
6. When the Alpha Egg dictionary pen encounters unfamiliar words, it can be read out with a swipe, both Chinese and English are applicable. No internet connection is required, and the touch screen control is very convenient, which can help children develop the habit of reading independently.
7. Left-handed pencil + left-handed pencil sharpener is designed according to the posture of holding the pen in the left and right hands, so that left-handed writing can also be very smooth. The pen barrel is designed with three edges and corners, so it will not roll away when dropped on the ground. There is also a pencil sharpener specially designed for the left hand, which is very comfortable to use.
8. After the magnet eraser is finished, use the back of the eraser to suck it up, and the debris will be sucked away, which is equivalent to a simple desktop cleaner.
9. The plasticine eraser was originally used for painting. The advantage is that it is very soft. It can be used as a whole, or a small piece can be pulled off.
10. A thin piece of chewing gum rubber is favorite for children who write compactly! Don’t worry about rubbing the words next to it, you can rub it very carefully!


What other useful stationery would you like to recommend? Share it in the message area~


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