Print multiple invoices into one page with Acrobat

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Electronic invoices need to be printed out for reimbursement. I used to have a Photoshop template that took the screenshot of electronic invoices (mostly PDF files) and put two or three invoices on one page, so that multiple invoices can be printed on one page on A4 paper, and the actual size can be changed. More appropriate. I’ve done this all the time, no trouble.

A few days ago, I sorted out a bunch of electronic invoices, mainly invoices from Jingdong Taobao and Tmall shopping. There are more invoices for charging expenses. It is a bit troublesome to merge one by one PS. I searched to see if there is any easy way, and I amused myself:

Originally, when printing with Acrobat PDF, you can set multiple pages to print to one page :

The so-called “one leaf can’t see Taishan”, I have never thought of such a simple function, and I happily use PS page by page to take screenshots, stitch together, and print invoices.

It was not worth writing a journal at first. When I printed it out, my colleagues saw it, and I was shocked by the black technology. I just realized that it’s not that I’m stupid, it’s that most people don’t know this little trick.

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